Science Pilot
2011 - 2012 (FY12)

  • Create a seamless integration of technology into the existing curriculum
  • Use technology for a variety of tasks including data collection, data analysis, collaborative learning, assessments, and presentation of data/information
  • Maintain a record of all their work, with the goal of creating a digital portfolio.
  • Present and share their work both locally and publicly using existing platforms such as Google Sites

  • Each term, students have performed at least 1 lab using computer data collection. The labs have also included use of software such as Logger Pro to analyze data.
  • Each term, students have taken at least 2 quizzes using the It’s Learning Interface.
  • Each term, students have accessed simulations on PhET for chemistry and physics
    virtual projects.
  • The Quarter 1 project utilized Google Presentation software for class presentations.
  • Quarter 1 Career projects were shared and presented using Google Docs.
  • Google Docs has been used to create "paperless" activities, where paper handouts are replaced with digital copies - where appropriate
  • Graphs have been submitted electronically - where appropriate
  • At the conclusion of Quarter 4, we plan to ask students to review the compilation of their digital assignments through the use of the It's Learning student portfolio
Mary Barber,
May 18, 2011, 6:44 PM