~with Ms. Rossi

Remember to keep all your snow belongings organized and labeled, so you don't lose anything.
Thank you to Wayland Cares for the 
Empower Presentation.
The students enjoyed the content and loved coloring the banner. 

Celebrate Dr. King's message..

Practice Makes.... Improvement...



Jacob requested this practice....
Lost and Found
The Claypit PTO Facebook Page
has posted pictures of  lost items.
Please check: 
This is a great idea!  
All items will be donated at the end of the month.
Working on our Northeast Region Project!

Colonial Day Dancing!



Field Day is coming....Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Rain date will be Wednesday, June 13, 2018
We had an informative field trip to 
The Grout-Heard House and 
The North Cemetery in
Wayland, MA!

The Just Like Me Program
Very Inspiring!

Science Investigation #1  
Structures and Life
Seed Search
Our field trip to The Grout Heard House and the 
Old North Cemetery will be on Monday, May 14.
Permission slips are due on Monday, May 7.
We will be back in time for lunch, but please pack a snack.
Our field trip to the Minute Man National Park
 will be on Tuesday, May 22. 
Permission slips are due on Monday, May 7.
This is an all day trip, so please pack a disposable, nut free snack,
 lunch and drink.
MCAS Practice

Fun with Motion and Matter     

Informational Writing Essay Link
Florence Adler Walk/Run - Save the Date!
Saturday, May 5, 2018
Wayland Middle School

Registration Begins 9:30 a.m., Race Begins 11:00 a.m
Field Trip to the State House 
Monday, March 26

Play the Polygon Sort Game
The Plimoth Projects are so wonderful.  
The effort and knowledge that each child demonstrated in his/her project really shows.
Well done Room 4!
We had a beautiful, sunny, warm day of learning at The Plimoth Plantation last week.
Thank you to all the chaperones that made this day so successful and fun for the students. 
What a fun Super Science Switch!
The third graders rotated classrooms to participate in
Investigation #1!
They had fun and learned a lot!
Our class learned about Chinese Culture today, with Ms. Sha, a visiting teacher from our sister school, J.S.Y.Y., in Beijing.
Have a look!

The students participated in a service project with a Girl Scout from Newton!
They created beautiful "comfort objects" 
for newly adopted children.
Take a look!

Looks like it's going to be a great year!!
Enjoying the Claypit Hill Garden today!!
I know Luke has held a lemonade stand this summer. Has anyone else?  
Let me know and I'll post a photo.
In the meantime, read the story about this awesome girl who made a difference with her lemonade stands.
Raz-Kids and Lexia
are both up and running this summer.
Summer Book Club!
All of the families in the class have been invited to participate in a Summer Book Club, run by the families!
They've read their first book, Tippy Lemmey, by Patricia McKissack. 
This is a story about three children, Leandra, Paul, and Jeannie, who are terrorized by a neighborhood dog, called Tippy Lemmey, but manage to overcome their fears and befriend him.

Saying good-bye to Mrs. Davis with a giant group hug!!

Summer Reading Program at
The Wayland Public Library.
You don't have to be there to join. 
Sign up in person or online.
It will be a great way to keep up with your summer reading.  
If you're not able to join the Wayland Library's program, check a library near you..
there are reading programs at most libraries during the summer.

Happy Summer Reading!
Our butterflies emerged and they were beautiful!
We released them and they flew off happily.
Listen to these great facts by the students and be sure to look closely at the butterflies..they are speaking!
Thank you to Mrs. Meyler for creating this with the class.

Ms. Rossi - ChatterPix .mp4

Field Day 


The students had a wonderful day of learning in The North End. 
Thank you to all the chaperones for 
helping to make this trip a super success!!


STEM Learning on March 3, 2017
Thursday, March 2, 2017!!
The students enjoyed reading Dr. Seuss books
 in their pajamas today!!! 
What a great visit from the Acton Discovery Museum!
Mrs. Harris presented many interesting experiments to the class.  
The students sure learned a lot!
Watch this!!
The Ice Cube Keeper STEM Project was a success!  
The students tested their container with great results.  
The majority of the containers kept the ice cube solid for over 3 and 1/2 hours!
Fantastic Learning!!!
The 100th Day Was Fun!!!!
The Personal Timeline Open House was great!!

Read through this interesting Time For Kids link.
The WMS Eighth Graders visited our classroom today
for a day of service. 
What a great job they did, as they taught the second graders how to create a book poster and book report.
I couldn't have done it without them! 
They were awesome and
the projects came out great!!


Winter Learning Recording!


Learning is Fun!!
A "Happy" Class!!

We've been involved in very good discussions about EFFORT in class. 
The students liked this visual, so we will be referring to it in class.
The students continue to participate in STEM/STEAM projects each Friday.

They are learning to work together to design/build/test/reflect/redesign projects.

Remind your child to read on Raz-Kids!
Math Fact Practice With Your Child 
Each student will need to recall or memorize these by the end of the year.