Do you know your math facts?

If not, make time every day to practice online or offline, alone or with a friend.

Strong mastery of math facts helps students to grasp higher level math concepts with ease.

Strengthening and practicing math facts over the summer months is a good way to prepare for the third, fourth, and fifth grade math programs. Take a look at the following suggestions and resources to guide your practice. 

First, Watch this film to learn how to learn your math facts! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!

Next, know that a math fact foundation is integral to students' math progress. We use the following system to solidify students' fact skill. 
  • The Computation Ladder provides a researched order for facts study and mastery.
  • Warm-up with paper/pencil Fact Pages  and online practice using That Quiz, Xtra Math, or SumDog.
  • Practice for about 15-minutes a day until you master 100 facts of each operation, and 100 facts of mixed operations in 5 minutes or less.
  • Study and make your own Facts Chart 
  • Weekly or bi-weekly tests, progress charts, and incentives encourage progress.
  • Intervene and help for students who struggle using many tools, strategies, and teachers.
  • Flocabulary has memorable fact hip hop videos. 
  • Enrichment study by mixing facts and including variables. 

Link to Fact Study Pages

Fact Smart: First Week of School

Fact Mastery Bookmark.

Fact Smart Book Mark