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Welcome to the Grade Eight English Classroom webpage.  This site includes classroom information, lesson mentors, and links for the units of study in Eighth Grade English.  Some pages are specifically for Ms. O'Keefe's students or Ms. Peirce's students.  Other pages are comprehensive materials for both classrooms.

We encourage you to use all the resources provided here.

Looking forward to a year of great thinking, reading, and writing,

Ms. Dirmeikis, Ms. O'Keefe, and Ms. Peirce
Ms. Herstine, Mr. Jordan, Ms. Lewis, Mr. Merry, Ms. Parseghian, Ms. Reed, Ms. Tranter, Ms. Cerrone, Ms. Carmody, Ms. Mathieu

To subscribe to the 8th grade hw calendars and unsubscribe to 7th grade calendars, use this link and follow slides 6 - 16.

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