Weekly Question Winners

Week of September 14: Congratulations Matt C in third grade!  You are correct, there are 132 rooms in the White House.
Week of September 21: Congratulations Ally Y. in fourth grade!  A season on Saturn lasts about 7 earth years.
Week of September 28: Congratulations Anna I. in fifth grade! A 13 sided polygon is called a tridecagon.
Week of October 5: Congratulations Rachel G. in third grade! A female elephant is called a cow!
Week of October 12: Congratulations Peter in second grade!
Week of October 19: No winner
Week of November 2: Congratulations Chris M. in fifth grade! The answer is Samhain.
Week of November 9: Congratulations Sophia O. in fifth grade!  The answer is Springfield, MA.
Week of November 16: Congratulations Alex G. in third grade! The answer is 32.
Week of November 23: Congratulations Josh N. in third grade! The answer is the Mayflower Compact.
Week of December 7: Congratulations Maya N. in third grade!  The answer is rhodonite.
Week of December 14: Congratulations Quincy in third grade! The answer is Boston, Tremont Street Station!
Week of December 21: Congratulations Griffin W. in second grade!  The answer is 1932, the year the Lego company was founded.
Week of January 11: No winner
Week of January 25:  No winner
Week of February 29: Congratulations Eva B in 4th grade!
Week of March 7: Congratulations Aidan L. in 4th grade!
week of March 14: Congratulations Deirdre B. in 5th grade!