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Claypit Hill Library Catalog

Follett Shelf - eBook Catalog

Passwords: to view eBooks and read on your computer:
username: claypit
password: claypit

to check out eBooks on your device:
username: firstname_lastname
password: wpsstudentid

All encyclopedias:

How to find eBooks in the library catalog


There are 2 ways to find eBooks in the Claypit Hill School library catalog.  You can access these books from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

 Here is the first way to find eBooks.

 Step One:


Open our library catalog.  You can find the catalog in a few places on the Claypit Hill web site.   (  One way you can find the catalog is by clicking For Students; then clicking the fifth selection, which is Claypit Hill School Library, and then clicking Claypit Hill Library Catalog.  (


This will bring up our library catalog, which you should already be familiar with!

 Step Two: In the Narrow Your Search box:


Narrow your search to...

Description:  Limiters have been set...



Material Type




  Limit to Follett eBooks

Award Winner

  Description: estiny Help

Reading Level

From    to  

Interest Level

From     to     Description: estiny Help

Reading Programs




Click electronic book (eBook) under material type

 Step Three: Type your search term in the find bar.  For example, type in cats. Your results will show up.

Step Four:  Click ”open”.  You will be taken to a page that asks for your user name and password.  Your user name and password are:


User name: claypit

Password: claypit

 Step Five: Click log in.  Now your book will open.  Use the arrows on the left and right sides of the book to turn your pages.  Enjoy!


What if I want to check out this book on my device?


To check out a book, you need to access the library catalog through Follett Shelf.  This is our entire eBook catalog in one place.  It is easy to find Follett shelf.  You can find Follett shelf either on Ms. Burman’s web site: ( or under the For Students link on the Claypit Hill School web site. 

1)  Click the fifth selection, which is Claypit Hill School Library, and then click the third selection, which is Follett Shelf. (


2) You will now see all of our eBooks in one place.  In the upper right corner, there will be a login tab.  Click the login tab.  If you just want to read the books and not check them out, you can use the same login and password as above. (claypit/claypit) 

BUT if you want to check out the book

 use your own user name and password.  (Once you have checked out the book, it will stay on your device, and will automatically check itself back in after a two week period.)

 3) Your user name, to check out books on your device, is: 


User name: firstname_lastname

Password: wpsstudentid  (wps1234)


Why would I want to check out a book on my device?

 You would want to check out a book on your device if it is a book you will not finish in one sitting and you want to be sure it is available the next time you would like to read it. 

 How do I check out a book on my device?

1) Once you have logged in to Follett Shelf with your user name and password (not claypit/claypit), either use the search bar at the top of the page to search for a specific book, or search the eBook collections on the page.

2) Click on the book you are interested in. 


3) Click check out and the book will automatically be checked out on your device.  The next time you would like to read your book, log back into Follett Shelf. 


4) On the top of the page, you will see a blue bar.  (after logging back into Follett Shelf)


5) Click on bookbag at the top of the bar.  This will take you to your bookbag, which will show you the items you have out.  (both eBooks and books). 


6) Next to your eBooks, you will have the choice to either open your eBook, or return the book.  If you are done with the eBook, click return.