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Language arts and research sites
Alphabet soup

Scholastic Book Wizard
Custom handwriting worksheets
Portal - lots of links to all things book!
Free reading motivation program for grades K-8
Free classic books
Portal of grammar resources
Free eBooks
Classroom games
Hundreds of poems to read and rate
Reproducible worksheets
Grammar gorillas
Grammar site
Find texts boys will enjoy

100 favorite children's books
100 picture books everyone should know
The Children's Book Council

Bookhive  - guide to children's literature and books
Children's Literature
The Massachusetts Center for the Book
Fairy tale portal
Children's Picture Book Database
The Booklist Center - tons of booklists
Ideas for reporting on books
Peggy Sharp's page with a plethora of reading recommendations
Nancy Keane's language arts page - a TON of info

Information Literacy

Reference and research

The single biggest source for facts
Maps, online libraries, quotes, dictionaries, etc.
Library of Congress
Merriam Webster dictionary online
Encyclopedia Brittanica online
Ready Reference page - lots of information

Art web sites

Fine Art Search Engine
Art Games
Art Lesson Plans
Kennedy Center Art Lessons

Music web sites
Drums lessons database
Online site for kids to compose music
Sing along music and lyrics

Everything else!
Smithsonian Educational resources

Resource Center for Kids and Teachers
Lessons, units and web sources
Emergence of Advertising in America
Electronic history resources
National Archives primary sources
Advertising database - primary sources
Education portal
Virtual Middle School Library
Democracy Project - lesson plans
Education World portal
Teacher Vision poetry lessons
Lesson plans
Quick reference and research
Scholastic education portal
Educational web sites rated by quality
Educational internet village
Informative discussions about books
Technology resources
Ideas for integrating internet into curriculum
Shape book patterns
Bingo card maker
Handwriting worksheets
Create activities, games, web pages, etc.
Instructor Magazine online
Create puzzles
US Department of Education

Make and print your own certificates Graphic organizers Teacher resources by Dewey subject - tons of information Education portal including 80,000 teacher-reviewed lessons lesson plan portal Portal of webquests Enchanted learning education portal

Primary Sources

The Library of Congress National Archives PBS History Advertisements America's Library

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