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Book Care/Book Check Out

Here are ways to take care of books.  Do you know any other ways?  If you do,
let Mrs. Burman know and she'll post your suggestion here.

-Use clean hands when reading your books.

-Do not eat or drink near your library books.

-Always carry your library books in a clean bookbag.

-Do not draw on or cut the pages in your library books.

-Please keep library books away from younger brothers and sisters AND pets.

-Always use a bookmark to keep your place in a book. Never bend the pages.

-Have a "special place" at home where you can keep your books safe and ready
to return to the 
library media center on your library day.

-Return your books on time so others can read them.


Grades K and 1: 1 book/material per week
Grade 2: 2 books/materials per week
Grades 3 - 5: 3 books/materials per week

All books/materials may be checked out for two weeks.  Books/materials may be renewed once - unless the 

book is on hold or is a highly requested item. 

Students may keep materials longer than one week if they are being used
for a classroom assignment. 

Books such as Weird but True, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and other

very popular books need to be returned and reshelved during one class

period.  This way, students in other classes will have the opportunity to check these books out.

Books will be held on an “individual basis”.  You need to check with Ms. Burman if you would like a book held.  Books will not

be held if you already have your maximum amount of books out. 

Students may check out more than the stated limit if they are

being used for a classroom assignment. 

Students may only place one material on hold at a time, unless requested

materials are for a classroom assignment. 

If a book/material is on hold for someone, books/materials may not be

renewed.  Holds will expire after two weeks. 

Reference materials are for in-library use only. 

Ms. Burman may make exceptions on a case by case basis. 

Overdues/Lost books/fines 

Before being charged a fine, students will receive an overdue notice.  Fines vary depending on the book or material. We use the fines to replace the books. 

Students also have the option to purchase a replacement book of the same title for the library.  Students will not

be able to check out a book until their overdue book has been returned or a fine has been paid.