"Education Holds the Potential to Transform Lives."

Hi, I'm Maureen Devlin, a fifth grade teacher in Wayland, Massachusetts. During the fall of 2015 I also had the opportunity to instruct teacher candidates at Framingham State University in two semester-long Math Curriculum Methods courses. My ePortfolio is one way to share current presentations and efforts as well as a vehicle for telling my story as an educator.

Professional Snapshot
2016-2017 will be my 31st year teaching elementary school. Over that time, I've taught first, fourth, and fifth grades as well as teacher candidates. As an educator I am committed to learning in effective ways so that I am able to provide students with a top-notch education. I invite you to take a look at my ePortfolio as you create your own professional portfolio. I also invite you to contact me with questions or ideas that you may have as you organize your professional work and focus. I wish you well on your teaching/learning path and endeavor.

Please notice that the ePortfolio contains the following elements that reflect my professional work:
  • Resume: This is a snapshot of my professional history
  • 2015-2016 Goals: This provides a summary of my current system-wide professional goal focus.
  • Presentations: This includes a selection of presentations I've given in the past five years.
  • Publications: These are professional websites and curriculum units I've authored.
  • Curriculum Websites: These are websites my colleagues and I have created to guide student learning and family support.
  • Videos: This section includes videos and playlists used to teach students and present their work. 
  • MA Evaluation System Past Goals and Evidence for 2012-Spring 2015
  • Recertification Chart: Massachusetts Chart for Recertification. Recertification occurs every five years.
  • Standards Reflections: Personal reflections based on MA 33 elements of educator excellence.