The kindergarten library program focuses on learning proper book manners, taking good care of books, finding a "just right" book, and listening to diverse and entertaining stories with the librarian. We may even learn a few songs in the library too! S
tudents are encouraged to choose age appropriate books that appeal to them - even if they cannot yet read on their own.

Kindergarten students students may borrow one book at a time and should return their books each week. Students may not borrow another book until all books have been returned. Students with excessive overdue books will have borrowing privileges suspended until books are returned or paid for. If there are ever any questions about overdue books, please email

2018-19 schedule
Ms Horgan's class is on Monday from 10-10:30
Ms Russo's class is on Tuesday from 11:10-11:40
Ms Cherwinski's class is on Friday from 11:45-12:15

What did we do this week?

All classes learned about Library Expectations with a fun interactive slide show and read two stories. Kindergarteners will spend the next few weeks learning about proper book care before being able to check out books on their own. 



Last year

September We are focusing on book care, book manners, and responsibility. We took home a "practice library book," and soon, we will be able to borrow one library book each week! We are going to be very careful and responsible with our library books. 

September Story Corner


We can now borrow one book per week! We are learning how to select books, how the library is organized, and practicing ABC order. Ask me how I can find "just right" books using the "five finger" rule. We lined up in alphabetical order by name and pretend to be books on a shelf! We also read some fun books about fall and Halloween. 

October Story Corner

Ugly Pumpkin trailer

shelf marker
Shelly the Shelf Marker

book care videos
Garden Song