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  • I'm here to collaborate with YOU! What are you studying in your class? Do you have any research projects coming up? PLEASE let me know what's going on, so we can meet to create engaging cross curricular projects and authentic research experiences for your students. Research shows that students get more out of collaborative assignments when teachers and librarians work together. If I'm not already teaching a class, I'd love to attend your grade level PLC meetings. Or we can find an alternate mutually convenient time to get together. 
  • Ready Reference - what are you looking for? Send me an email or stop by to talk with me. I'm more than happy to help locate resources.
  • Reader's Advisory - need some book lists?
  • Reserve Cart - If you contact me prior to a class assignment, I can put materials on a reserve cart for your students.
  • Website additions - I am happy to create a list of student research links for assignments. 
  • Research skills - I can teach kids how to find and use information, how to use specific databases, how to take notes, and how and why to create a bibliography. 
  • Do you have any recommendations or requests?

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Understanding Destiny (our card catalog)
Using Follett Shelf (our e-book collection)
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