5th Grade

5th graders will review how to use the online library catalog and are expected to be able to search for books on their own. We will reinforce reference sources and learn about online databases/encyclopedias and research techniques (note taking, bibliography) while working on 5th grade research projects on explorers, solar system, biography, and more. We will also continue to discuss literary genres and start writing student book reviews which will be visible to everyone at Happy Hollow on our online library card catalog. 5th graders participate in a year long passion project where they can research just about any topic that they like. 

5th graders may borrow up to five books at any one time. They may be kept for four weeks and renewed as needed. Students with excessive overdue books will have borrowing privileges suspended until books are returned or paid for. If there are ever any questions about overdue books, please email  colleen_flannery@wayland.ma.k12.ma.us

2018-19 schedule
Ms Leo's class is on Monday from 12:45-1:30
Ms Mattson's class is on Thursday from 12:50-1:35
Ms Devlin's class is on Friday from 12:45-1:30

What did we do this week?

Final week of September
We watched a video about guided inquiry to start thinking about planning for our research projects. Students selected books to read at home. 

Third  week of September
We had a refresher of the features and items available on the school library website, including databases. We reviewed how to use the library card catalog. Students selected books to read at home. 

Second week of September
We talked a bit about our upcoming Passion Research Project, and read two books by Kobi Yamada to start thinking about ideas for the project. Students selected books to read at home. 


First week of September
All classes watched a fun video about library rules and expectations. We discussed this year's 5th grade Passion Research Project and read Pictures From Our Vacation

Library Rules


Last year

April and May 2018

Biography Project  - please click to learn how to locate biographies in our school library. 

Biography In Context
Gale Biography in Context - Biography database
November - April 2018
Passion Project
Stayed tuned for examples of this year's student work

April 2017-June 2017
Biography Project  - please click to learn how to locate biographies in our school library. 

Biography In Context
Gale Biography in Context - Biography database

November 2016- April 2017

October 2016

Library (Re)Orientation/Scavenger Hunt

September 2016
Welcome back
Library rules and procedures

Read Aloud 


Past units of study

Biography Project  - please click to learn how to locate biographies in our school library. 

Read aloud

Reader's Theatre

  • All About Explorers Treasure Hunt 
    • Research your assigned explorer with a partner using the two sites that are listed
      • NOTE if the Zoom Explorers link doesn't work, please use Encyclopedia Britannica as a second site to check your facts. The link for Britannica can be found to the left under Library Resources. 
    • Answer the three questions on the site
    • Note the differences and similarities
    • Now find THREE incorrect facts and correct them!

Class research project
  • Great site to get started - How to do Research from the Kentucky Virtual Library
  • Generate a list of keywords to help you research your topic
  • WHERE you can find the best information?
    • Encyclopedia
    • Other reference source
    • Use the card catalog to find books in our library
    • Internet searches using Google - or try SweetSearch, a search engine for students, maintained by researchers and librarians
    • Online databases such as 
    • Always think about evaluating your sources with the Five W's
Ready to start taking notes?
  • Open a Google Doc and set up a table 
    • In column 1, write Subtopic
    • In column 2, write Facts 
    • In column 3, write Questions
    • As you find information, rewrite it in your own words in your Google Doc
    • Include royalty free pictures and diagrams

  • But I Read it on the Internet!! readers theatre
  • Evaluate this site using the Mrs Skorpuski's Website Evaluation Gizmo handout

Library Stations
1) Library rules card game
2) Reading survey
3) Library scavenger hunt
4) Library reading survey click here to complete station #4 and tell me about the books you like to read!
5) Book selection, check out, and quiet reading
EXTRA  Library Shelving game  - see if you can put the books in the right order! 

  • We learned how to use the new Universal Search on Follett Shelf
  • We learned about e-books on Follett Shelf
  • some classes did some minute mysteries

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

"But I Read it On the Internet" readers theatre to discuss internet safety