4th Grade

This year, the 4th grade classes will have library class every week for 45 minutes. This longer class period allows ample time to complete research projects or other activities and still have time for a library lesson and book selection.  4th graders will review how to use the online library catalog and are expected to be able to search for books on their own. We will reinforce reference sources and spend time working on research for 4th grade projects on endangered species and immigration. We will also discuss author point of view and learn about different literary genres.

4th graders may borrow up to three books at any one time. They may be kept for three weeks and renewed as needed. Students with excessive overdue books will have borrowing privileges suspended until books are returned or paid for. If there are ever any questions about overdue books, please email the librarian at colleen_flannery@wayland.ma.k12.ma.us

2017-18 schedule
Ms Reardon's class is on Monday from 10:05-10:50
Ms Rogers' class is on Tuesday from 12:30-1:15
Ms Aronian's class is Friday from 10-10:45

What are we doing?

June 2018

April and May 2018

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December 2017
Immigration Research Project 
Immigration Research Project - Ms Flannery's research information can be found here

November 2017

October 2017

Final week of September
We started to read Mo Willems' (Piggie and Gerald) delightful first short chapter book, Diva and Flea. We should finish it next week. Students selected books.

Third week of September
We completed Armstrong and did some research on the beginning of the space program. Students selected books.

 week of September
We began a long picture book read aloud, Armstrong: The Adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon by Torben Kuhlmann. Students selected books.

First week of September
All classes watched a fun video about library rules and expectations. We talked about some of the awesome things we did over the summer and read the book Pictures From Our Vacation. 4th graders may borrow up to 3 books starting next week.

YouTube Video


May and June 2017 NEW

May 2017 NEW

March and April 2017

March 2017
Entertainment Writing

February 2017
Informative Writing

January 2017
Persuasive Writing

December 2016  Immigration Research
Immigration Research Project - Ms Flannery's research information can be found here

November 2016\
Intro to PIE
Only one class this month due to calendar 

October 2016
Library (Re)Orientation/Scavenger Hunt

September 2016
Welcome back
Library rules and procedures


Past units of study

April 2016
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When you get to your home page, you will need to agree to the honor code.  Then you can look around and familiarize yourself with the site. Go ahead and choose your own avatar. Start building your book lists - books you've read, books you recommend, books you'd like to read. You can share book recommendations with the other students in your class only.  To find books to add to your list, starting typing in a title in the search box and follow the prompts. Ask Ms Flannery for help! Make sure to make appropriate choices. Ms Flannery will preview all of your reviews before they can be published. 

PIE - Author's Purpose
The Day the Crayons Quit
reader's theatre

YouTube Video

Country packet
How to determine Persuade vs Inform

How to Clean Your Room in 10 Easy Steps

January  Genre Study

December  Immigration Research
Immigration Research Project - Ms Flannery's research information can be found here

Reader's Theatre



read alouds

We are reviewing how to use the card catalog and starting in on library centers

September read aloud

General 4th grade information

Research Planning Videos
Book Trailers
4th graders made some awesome book trailers to promote their favorite books. Check them out!

For Ms Rogers' class...
Mystery book trailers