1st Grade

 The 1st grade library program continues to focus on the good habits we learned in kindergarten - learning proper book manners, taking good care of books, finding a "just right" book, and listening to diverse and entertaining stories with the librarian. We  may even learn a few songs in the library too! We will also discuss parts of a book and learn the
difference between fiction and non-fiction. (Real or make believe.) Students are encouraged to choose age appropriate books that appeal to them; as they progress as readers, these books will become more challenging. For the 2017-18 school year, library classes will be extended by 15 minutes.

1st grade students may borrow one book at a time  and should return their books each week. We do understand that sometimes students forget their library books!   When a student forgets his or her book(s) they may  still browse and select material but are asked to keep it on our hold shelf where it will be kept until the end of the week. Students may not borrow another book until all books have been returned. Students with excessive overdue books will have borrowing privileges suspended until books are returned or paid for. If there are ever any questions about overdue books, please email  colleen_flannery@wayland.ma.k12.ma.us

2017-18 schedule
Ms Bergeron's class is Tuesday from 1:15-2
Ms O'Brien's class is on Thursday from 1:15-2
Ms Weig's class is on Friday from 9:15-10

What did we do this week?

First week of September
All classes learned about Library Expectations with a fun interactive slide show and read two stories. Next week, we can borrow one book for the first time this year! 



Last year

YouTube Video

We are focusing on book care, book manners, and book selection. Ask your child how they find "just right" books and using the "five finger rule." 

Choosing "Just Right" Books (start at 2:22; see librarian for Brain Pop password) 

We can borrow one book each week! Right now, Ms Flannery selects books for us to check out, but soon, we will be able to choose our own books. We are always careful and responsible with our library books. 

October Story Corner

Brain Pop video on "Autumn"


What have we done?

September story corner


Choosing "Just Right" Books (start at 2:22; see librarian for Brain Pop password) 

October Story Corner



November Story Corner

September story corner



October Story Corner



Other resources

Real or Make Believe 
(Fiction or Non-Fiction)


the Library Doors 

5 finger rule

Shelf Elf

Parts of a NF book

Fic vs Non Fic

reading  non fic (what is it?)

Basic Library Vocabulary

Taking Care of Books

Finding Fic books 

Finding NF books