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2015/2016 Art Studies

May/June 2016

First Grade "Bird" Drawings!

Fifth Grade Simple Machine Unit

Fifth Grade Art Class: Wood Assembly

Kindergarten Art: Weaving,
 oil pastel blending, 
repetition, watercolor and negative space 

4th and 5th Grade Papier Mache Sculptures!

Fourth Graders Assemble with Paper Straws 
and Cardboard:

Second Graders build Pentagon Boxes with Lids:


March/April 2016

The weavings below were made on a loom by 
third graders.  All students in grades K 
through 3 learned how to weave with
varying degrees of difficulty. 
Concepts and vocabulary 
 included warp, weft, 
pattern loom, rya, 
wrist band, wall
 hanging, choke
and stair stitch.

Shown below are drawings which focused on 
 "contour line" and "value" in our world. 
Students in Grade 5 observed their 
hands and shoes and performed a 
series of drawing exercises 
including blind contour 
drawings, which made  
them laugh... a ... lot!

Below are drawings which focused on
the art and illusion of one point 
perspective, created by our

First Graders created primitive paint brushes
using sticks, pine needles and string. We 
imagined we lived at the time of the 
cave people and then put our
brushes to the test in 
our imaginary cave

"Drop Into Art"  

when:  Wednesday Mornings March 30, April 6, 13
who:   Open to all 4th and 5th grade students and offered by Ms. Soeltz
where: Happy Hollow Art Room - No Sign Up Necessary
what:   "Drop In" at 8: 10 am and create until school begins! Get your brain circuitry flowing!

Above, first grade students created paint brushes
in a primitive manner, using pine needles and 
sticks. They painted with factory made brushes
and these handmade brushes, to compare and
contrast. The final paintings of animals are on 
display in our hallway.

Second graders wrapped sticks and created mobiles. They 
then continued with weaving on looms. Wrist bands, coasters,
wall hangings, play rugs and hammocks, were among
the final products!

The above two photos show 4th and 5th grade students 
participating in our winter session of "Drop Into Art".

Highlights of Recent and Ongoing Art Room Activities

*Kindergarten through Grade 3 : Weaving on paper and/or cardboard looms. Students made free form weavings which could be used in a variety of ways. Some chose to turn theirs into wristbands, while others made bookmarks, coasters and wall hangings. Students in grades 1 and 2 made yarn covered paintbrushes and/or yarn covered stick mobiles.

*Contour drawings by 5th Graders are on display in our main corridor. Also on display are "Cave Paintings" made by our first graders. They constructed their paint brushes from pine needles and sticks. 

* Grades 4 and 5: Sculpted armatures in paper and covered with papier mache. Our whimsical animals are almost complete! Grade 5 will soon begin their simple machine projects in wood!

* Grades 3,4 and 5 have recorded work in a digital format using Pic Collage and Google's Drive. Soon all students in these grades will have access to their art projects on Drive!

*Drop Into Art : Spring Session dates posted above.

*Two of our students, Jewel Abalaka and Nyla Hamilton, presented their digital work at Boston Parents' Night on March 9, 2016. Nice job, girls!


January/February 2016

Highlights of Recent and Ongoing Art Room Activities

* Presentation by Ms. O'Heron and Ms. Santos, Wayland Parents: Sculptures of Characters from Stories.
* Evaluations and Art Folders in all grades K-5.
* Digital Portfolios in grades 3-5: Photographing and Writing Personal Reflections on Work
* Las Caux, France: Virtual Tour by First Graders after creating primitive paint brushes and painting cave like textures and stencils of animals. 
* String and Stick wrapped mobiles followed by intro to weaving on cardboard looms in Grade Two.
* Drop Into Art: One Point Perspective drawings and Continued Sessions until January 27!

Presentation by Ms. O'Heron and Ms. Santos, Wayland Parents
Sculptures of Characters from Stories - In December, our 4th graders were treated to an exciting description of the techniques and planning of sculpted, story book characters which were created by two gifted parents of Wayland.  Ms. O'Heron and Ms. Santos were accompanied by their daughters, Joss and Lucia, respectively. Our art classroom was "alive" with larger than life sized papier mache sculptures of well known names from children's stories such as "The Wizard of Oz" and "Frankenstein". Our presenters told of how their work together evolved and how it grows from one year to the next. Children were captivated by their natural storytelling style and are totally psyched to try their hand at papier mache, our next art project! Many thanks to Ms. Santos and Ms. O'Heron for their good natured enthusiasm in bringing their work to our school! A lot of thought went into their process of selecting which pieces to bring, how to transport them and making the 4th grade curricular connections! Congratulations on a job very well done...and received!

December 2015

Guest speakers in our 4th grade classes on Dec 11, 
will be Ms. O'Heron and Ms. Santos, Wayland parents.
We are excited to hear them tell and demonstrate some
of their artistic techniques in creating their larger than life
sized sculptures!

"Drop Into Art" Winter Session
when:  Wednesday Mornings in December and January (December 16, 23 January 6,13,20,27)
who:   Open to all 4th and 5th grade students and offered by Ms. Soeltz
where: Happy Hollow Art Room - No Sign Up Necessary
what:   "Drop In" at 8: 10 am and create until school begins! Get your brain circuitry flowing!


Our Winter Session will begin with students swapping art lesson information straight from their
class assignments. Students at each grade level agreed to the idea of introducing their recent
projects to the alternate grade level.  What this means is that the 4th graders will assist 5th graders
in their understanding of how to create the effects achieved in the 4th grade "Graph Paper Color Posters". Lots of color theory is applied in the underlying structure of these posters! 

Likewise, the 5th graders will assist 4th graders in their understanding of the concepts behind the
contour drawings they have worked on this fall.  All students will have the opportunity to start their own long term projects based on the foundations of these concepts. Once launched, students may wish to take their work in directions outside the concepts laid out in the original classroom assignments.

The Little Red Hen: 
Kindergarten students have almost completed their mixed media 3D projects!
Painting the reused water bottles after reading and reflecting on the themes of "The Little Red Hen".
Sculpting heads, beaks, crests and applying wings to the hen.
Cutting and gluing the apron.

November 2015

The Patriot's Team logo is being stenciled onto the field with 
a technique that uses small holes to outline the design. I 
attended the MASS CUE conference in October, held at 
Gillette Stadium. Thereafter, the 50 yard number was 
stenciled in as well! Students in kindergarten and first
grade are working with stencils, paint and oil crayon!


Third and Fifth Graders Present at Assembly on 
November 2, 2015

"Drop Into Art" for Grades 4 and 5 coming soon!
 (Starting date will be posted here 
and in school newsletter.) 

Work in progress.

Completed work since last month's photo! Grade Four students.

 Third Graders :  "Graph Paper Color Posters"

Art studies make connections to all the areas of study in school, from writing and history to math, science and more! For example, in art classes, we have been studying the color wheel. It is arranged according to fractured light, so it is very scientific! A rainbow, therefore, is a way to view the correct order of the color wheel or the light spectrum and to see the relationships in the family of color. Arranging colors in different patterns and schemes can be very pleasing to view. 

In grades kindergarten through four, our explorations took us in a variety of directions. You will see examples of our work hanging in the Happy Hollow hallways.

The largest color posters were made on graph paper by third and fourth graders. They are almost complete, though a few are already on display in the hallway. Students worked collaboratively which meant we had to “get along”! Planning, counting, estimating and understanding the color wheel were all factors we considered while working with each other and we had fun doing so! The color categories we needed to include in our posters were: primary, secondary, warm and cool color groupings.  See if you can find all four, color categories in each poster as they begin to line the main corridor in November!


                   5th Graders Present: Contour Line Drawings

IN case you are curious about the giant drawings of people with all the lines flowing through them, they are the work of fifth grade students. Their art studies have been focused on contour line. This type of line reveals three-dimensional form, unlike a simple outline, which shows a silhouette.  Fifth grade drawing activities began with observing lines of the students’ hands, faces, shoes and large body drawings.

Did you know that contour lines are used in map making? They show the elevation of the earth.  Contour lines are drawn on maps to reflect the steep and gradual inclines of the land, starting at sea level and moving up the slopes of the highest mountains! This is another example of how art connects to the academic areas such as science and math.

Thank you, Happy Hollow students, for sharing all of your wonderful artwork!


 Second Grade "Crayon Resist" Leaf Observations

from Happy Hollow's Garden!

October 2015

Art Display in School Committee Room at Town Building through October 2015

Students represented in the show, are listed by initials:
Weig Grade 1: AC, IG, EC, ZL, DD, NM, AN, DC. Dowd Grade 3: SN, AM, 
ML,JB. Akers Grade 3 LV, AB, AC, LY. Aronian Grade 4: JD, BP,TG, ML, BS,
 JD, BH, CS, IR, AW. Candini Grade 5:JL, AC, AM, LP, IC. Devlin Grade 5: JB, CB

Gallery of Current Studies

Grades 3 and 4: Color Groups in Large Scale Collaborations
Work in Progress

Grade 5: Blind and Continuous Contour Drawings

Grade 2: Mixing Primary to get Secondary Colors
and Placing Concentric Circles into Composition

Grade 5: Students Study Shoe Form Using 
Contour Line Drawings

September 2015
Gallery of Current Studies

Contour Line Drawings
Grade 5 

Color Theory
Grades 1-4

Geometric People
Cutting, Direction, Placement

Wayland's Visual Arts Curriculum

Our curriculum information can be found in the menu of the sidebar above. You will also find additional listings in the sidebar: opportunities to volunteer, local art museums which host classes for children and adults and an archive of Happy Hollow's art program since 2009. 

Please check back for our gallery of work as it begins to fill up our school and our pages on this site! Best wishes for a great school year!

Christine Soeltz
Visual Arts Instructor