2012/2013 Art Studies


Grade 4

Grade 4 

Grade 4 

Grade 4 
Grade 4
Grade 4 
Grade 4 

Grade 4 
Grade 4
Grade 4 
Grade 4 
Grade 1 
 Grades 2,3
 Grade 1
Grades 2,3
Grade 1 

Grade 5 
Grade 1 
Grade 5 
 Grade 5
 Grade 5
Grade 5 
Grade 5 
 Grade 5

3rd Graders beam with excitement over their work!
1 Point Perspective on iPads  
Grade 3 using "Brushes" on iPad to explore elements of design. 
Artist Biography Posters in Grades 2,3 
Grant Wood Poster by a 3rd Grade Student 
Paul Klee Poster in Progress by a 3rd Grader
Georgia O'Keefe Poster by a 3rd Grader 
Leonardo da Vinci Poster by a 3rd Grader 

Pablo Picasso Poster by a 3rd Grader
3rd Graders draw 3D forms on the iPad, using "Brushes" app. 
In June,  4th and 5th graders drew room interiors using 1 Point  Perspective. Most tried their hand at drawing a city scene using the same concepts.

1st graders learned about the LasCaux Cave Paintings, took a virtual tour online and drew animals from observing illustrations.
 Grades 2 and 3 created artist posters after reading biographies on famous artists.

The Year in Summary

Grade 1 Term 1

General intro to the Elements of Design, Beautiful Oops! (story about mistake making in art), irregular shapes, sculpture, geometric shapes, positive, negative shapes, painting, sharing, The Dot story and 3D project, fabric, wood, portfolios, self portrait, finger weaving, space and perspective drawing of letters in imaginary landscape and penguins in their natural setting.

Grade 1 Term 2

Finger weaving; art games with images from National Gallery; Chinese New Year School Assembly (First Graders added scales to head); iPad introduction using Brushes app; Maracas from clay; Rainbow Fish story and collage; Grandma Moses' art and connection to landscape/maple sugaring; Background painting concepts; Painting/structure of a Tree; Flower structure explored in tissue paper and clay constructions; Wood sculptures;Lascaux cave paintings.

Grade 2 Term 1

General intro to the Elements of Design, Beautiful Oops! (story about mistake making in art), line, contrast, name blocks, geometric vs irregular, collage, decoupage, Huichol design, painting leaves, geometric wood boxes, self portrait in proportion, artist demo and observe with mirror, value scale, revisit weaving from fingers, spatial perspective with imaginary landscape.

Grade 2 Term 2

Portraits on iPad using Brushes app; Art game with images from the National Gallery; One point perspective concepts (illusion of depth); Artist David Hockney's work on iPad using landscape as focus; Metallic paper beads and wire sculpted mobiles; Artist Alexander Calder; Spheres and cylinders; Art and science how trees grow using paper sculpture; Miniature wood sculptures; Draw wooden figure/imagine its setting; Watercolor, colored pencils and painting background/wet, dry brush technique; Draw 3D forms on iPad;Coil clay pots; Artist biography posters.

Grade 3 Term 1

Name blocks, positive and negative space, shapes, decoupage/collage, Huichol art, Escher's Metamorphosis, painting technique, rubric, facial proportions with artist tutorial, value scale, geometric box 3D challenge, portfolio, studying the eye, nose, mouth, fictional composite portraits, spatial perspective.

Grade 3 Term 2

Value in portraits; One point perspective/illusion of space; Horizon line; David Hockney's landscapes and flowers on the iPad; Toys from "Olden Days": wood tops, button/string toy constructions; Wire Mobiles/Alexander Calder, sculptor; Wood miniatures/form and function; Draw/paint wooden figure with human proportions; Clay coil pots; Artist biography poster.

Grade 4 Term 1

Symmetry, contrast, Huichol art and culture, string art, decoupage/collage, Escher's skill with positive and negative shape transitions, facial proportions with focus on eyes, nose, mouth details, composite fictional portrait, rubric, portfolio, (holidays and other events interfered with scheduled class times), Open Studio Art sessions open to 4th graders in December 2012 and January 2013.

Grade 4 Term 2

Mobiles/Stabiles using balance,paint,glue/wire constructions;Alexander Calder's work;Portfolio reflect and share;iPad intro Brushes app: David Hockney's gallery of landscape; Wayne Thiebaud's food paintings and complementary colors; Paintings/colored pencil renderings of food using value and complementary color;wet/dry technique;"Transform"on iPad;Clay food sculptures;Room interior drawing in 1 Point Perspective;Bookmaking for Endangered Species/Creative books.

Grade 5 Term 1

Symmetry, contrast, Huichol art and culture, string art, painted original designs on handmade book bins made in homerooms, Escher's skill with positive and negative shape transitions, facial proportions with focus on eyes, nose, mouth details, composite fictional portrait, self portraits for yearbook, rubric, portfolio, contour line, wire sculpting, Martin Luther King Jr portrait. Open Studio Art sessions open to 5th graders in December 2012 and January 2013.

Grade 5 Term 2

Alexander Calder's wire sculptures; Wire and wood wheel sculptures; David Hockney's landscape/flower gallery of art on iPad; Using iPad app: Brushes, practice Seascapes/landscapes on; 3D forms in practice and in life; Wood sculptures for some 5th grade classes, play practice for others; Simple machine construction and finishing in paint, collage, drawing; "Transform" on Brushes; Verbal/written expression on art, contrasting and comparing artworks from professional artists.

May 2013

"Drop Into Art " : Open Studio Time
Fridays 5/10, 5/17, 5/24
8:10 am

Grades 3,4,5

Come down to the art room and practice 
some skills, pick up new skills, 
share your work, see others' works!

Breakfast with two responsible volunteers!

3rd Graders share their iPad "Radial Designs"

5th Graders work together to build their wooden simple machines. 
The project choices were "Hoops" and "Carousels".

Third grade students could choose, for this lesson, to 
create a "radial design" with art materials or on the iPad.

Third graders share their designs from art materials, 
while others create the same on the iPad!

Spring Gallery of Art Work!

A second grade student works at his 
"functional miniatursculpture"
 with great focus and concentration.

Second Graders:"Grow Tree" Project

Second grade students make trees and
 plants from rolled up magazine papers, 
simulating the growth of plants.

Grades 2 and 3: Mobiles

We learned about Alexander Calder's circus 
characters, which he created and carried in his two suitcases. 
Then we watched a short movie of his performance
Alexander Calder is known for his large mobiles, too!

Grades 2 and 3: Functional Miniature Structures

5th Graders Begin Building "Simple Machines".

First Grade:"Barber Shop Maracas"

4th Grade Kinetic Sculptures

Tops and Other Old Fashioned Toys:

We created toys such as these from wood, string and buttons.

This Amish man formed a top on a lathe, a wood turning machine.
We watched this short clip online. (Courtesy of D. Miller)

Third Grade Students tested their handmade tops, 
which they put together from pre-turned pieces of wood!

March 2013

Stabiles: Kinetic Sculpture

4th Graders Paint Kinetic Sculptures

iPads in Art
Unlike our typical art sessions which involve messy materials and physical movement, students found themselves excitedly exploring the "Brushes" apps on the iPad.  Applying the concepts of realism and perspective, (spatial depth), we used David Hockney's iPad art as a point of reference. I also shared my work on this app with my students. Following an initial period of discovery, the children were motivated to accept the challenge toward achieving a higher level of realistic imagery and needless to say, were very psyched about these lessons!

Focus: Grades 1 through 4

This month, the 4th Graders will begin their introduction to the iPad in art as they complete their Kinetic Sculptures. Grades 1 and are starting 3D projects as Grades 2 and 5 move into the final phase of the "iPad in Artintroductions.

Grade 3: "Old Fashioned Toy"  Wood Constructions!

Toys we constructed:
Tops, Button and String, Paddle and Ball

I stumbled across some bags of buttons in an antique shop last week and  realized how buttons seem to be pretty nonexistent in the casual clothing of our youngsters. Our lifestyle has demanded quick closures and synthetic production has enabled us to do without buttons in many cases! Not too long ago, however, buttons were collected and reattached through a method called... "sewing"! This skill has been needed less as our culture has taken more readily to replacing rather than repairing clothing. But, back to buttons and art class....

Wooden Button and String Toy: For this toy, a string, doubled, holds a button or a wood disc with two holes.  Students used some color mixing concepts to create primary colors and with motion, they achieved the secondary color. They practiced until the string and button continuously spun in both directions. The kids were excited by the challenge of getting the string to work correctly!

Wood Paddle/Ball and Tops: The above color mixing concepts also work well with the movement of these two toys.  We will watch a craftsman carve a top spinner which he creates in his woodshop. His top spins for over a minute! From our pre-cut wood forms, we put together our own tops and paddle/ball toys.

February 2013

Open Studio Art 
Drop In and Free!

Grades 4,5
Fridays Jan 25, Feb 1, 8 2013
8:10 am to 8:40 am

Chinese New Year - Grade 1

Our youngest students created a scale to be added to the dragon which Happy Hollow students designed last year. Each student in the school is represented by a hand designed "scale" on this 20 foot creatureStudents walked the dragon through the assembly for the Chinese Language Program's fascinating presentation this week! 

iPads in Art and David Hockney - Grades 1,2,3,5

The first of February 2013 brought a cart of 11 iPads to the art room at Happy Hollow. Thanks to the Wayland Public Schools Foundation, our wish was granted and we began our exciting explorations of art apps!

 All classes at Happy Hollow, with the exception of grade four at this time, have been exploring a "drawing and painting app" which British artist, David Hockney, has used extensively on the iPad and iPod. His digital work has been shown at major exhibitions in the US and in Europe.

The fourth graders will pick up the iPad Unit  when they are finished with their "Stabiles/Alexander Calder" Unit. 

Stabiles and Alexander Calder - Grade 4

Born in 1898, Alexander Calder is well known for his mobiles and stabiles, including his "suitcase circus show", called Cirque Calder.  Students in grade 4 are creating a stabile which requires 5- 6 art classes to complete. Iposes
balance challengeswire manipulation, painting and design concepts. In the end we will have a stationary piece of art, which contains movement.

Perspective and Depth - Grades 1,2,3
Students explored one point perspective concepts through discussion, artist representations and personal exercises. Imaginary landscapes were designed by all ages and grade three learned about representing the illusion of depth in a room interior as well.  The older grades here used overlap, size change and a vanishing point on the horizon line to create a more realistic sketch of spatial depth. Some classes watched the magicians, Penn and Teller, perform alongside David Hockney in a video which presented artists' tricks in creating the illusion of depth.

Self Portraits - Grades 1,2
Students paid close attention to detail in their faces by using mirrors. We learned about facial proportions and values, (shades of gray.)

Composite Portraits - Grades 3,4,5
These portraits were completed last month for most classes. Check below in January's blog for photos of these awesome fictional characters! Students studied the structure of an eye, nose and mouth. They followed along with an artist's tutorial, drawing parts of an anonymous face which was yet to be created. The final phase of this project was to put all the features together in a collage format, filling in the remainder with values to create a realistic drawing. See below for pictures.

Martin Luther King Jr. Mural of Portraits - Grade 5
Some fifth grade students in each class took their portrait knowledge to a new level and created quick pencil sketches of this very well known face - Martin Luther King, Jr.  The pieces were compiled into a mural and displayed at the MLK, Jr. dinner which was held in January.

Wire and Wood Sculpting - Grade 5
Based on Alexander Calder's circus sculptures, students were challenged with wire exercises. A final piece was to be made from wire and wooden wheels, a challenge requiring students to keep wheels functional while maintaining a creative approach to the overall look of the sculpture!

January 2013 Art Gallery

Composite Fictional Portraits  
Grade 5

Open Studio Art - Drop In and Free!
Grades 4,5
Fridays Jan 25, Feb 1, 8 2013
8:10 am to 8:40 am

(Please check back for updates to our gallery and lessons!)

December 2012 Art Gallery

At the end of this gallery of artwork 
you will find a summary of these projects.

First graders pose, wearing their creations:

First Graders are proud of their wood/cloth creations: 

A second grader built this hexagonal box. Designing
 the bottom and top presents more of a
 challenge than the standard, square, "craft stick" box.

A second grader designed an interior space inside her box:

Third and fourth graders learned about Escher's 
metamorphosis techniques in working with positive and negative
shapes. Here are some examples of their own creations which pay special
 attention to both the positive and the negative areas within their compositions.

Using similar concepts as above, but in a mixed media fashion.

String designs, inspired by Huichol art:
 Grades Four and Five

Second graders painted leaves, exploring leaf
 structure, overlap and painting techniques:

December 2012

* iPads for Art! We are happy to announce a grant that has been awarded for the purchase of iPads to be used in art classes. Thank you to Wayland Public Schools Foundation for awarding us this grant! The order has been placed and we eagerly wait to explore apps which will bring the elements and principles of design right under our finger tips!

* Art Portfolio Packets have been organized and sent home with our first and second grade students. Upper grades will be sent home next. 

* Open Studio Art has been exciting and our next session is Dec 14 for grades 4 and 5. Working in a small group, students arrive eager to draw, ask questions and to hone in on their individual skills. It's been great fun!!!

Open Studio Art is held on Fridays 8:10 - 8:45 am, in the art room and is free to our students on a drop in basis. Check back here and in the school newsletter for the new schedule.

*Grade One used fabric and wood to create a mixed media sculpture. This followed a discussion of the story, "The Dot", by Peter Reynolds, about a student who happily explores from a place of "knowing", after feeling upset with the outcome of a previous assignment. 

* Grades Two and Three have completed their geometric boxes. Students took on the challenge of planning a base for their boxes and quickly found that pentagons and hexagons would require gradually closing in the bottom, rather than immediately as with the square. Balance, prediction, glue control, repetition and patience were skills with which we worked in order to achieve success. 

* Grade 4 completed their "metamorphosis" paintings, based on Escher's concepts of shape transitions. Positive and negative space/shapes, pattern, repetition and painting techniques were explored in this project. Grades 3, 4 and 5 have been learning about facial proportions and drawing with value and line to create eyes, noses and mouths in realistic detail. Next, they will make a composite face from their isolated renderings. Proportion, front view, 3/4 view, value (shading), line variation and drawing guidelines are concepts which have guided the students in this process. Also, students in these Grades 4 and 5 have used a self-evaluation rubric to reflect upon their "String Paintings", (based on the Huichol art of Mexico). 

*Please check back for December's photos to be posted shortly.

*A special "thank you" is being sent to Ms. Janoff for her beautiful display of our latest work in the main hallway!

November 2012

First Grade "Hat" and "Bird Sculptures"

A first grader cuts through negative space in his painting,
 which will soon become the sides of a hat!

The hats worn by their creators, first graders in
Ms. Weig's class.

Here we can see the tops of the "hats"!

Grade 5 Book Bins
The fifth graders built their own book bins with their classroom teachers. Students brought their boxes to art for 3-4 classes and used a mixed media approach in designing them. The starting point for design included the use of positive and negative shapes which were introduced in September along with the art of the Huichol from Mexico. The "String Paintings" of the Huichol were inspirational in many of our beginning projects this year. Fourth and Fifth graders created miniature string "paintings" which involved laying string onto a sticky felt surface.  In the art of the Huichol, the string is placed into beeswax and their work is traditionally based on their spiritual beliefs.

A Fifth Grader Explores Positive and Negative
 Shapes with Paint and Collage Techniques.

More Fifth Grade Book Bins!

Wood Sculptures:
Comparisons Between Geometric and Irregular Shapes

First Grade Wood Sculpture Using Irregular Shapes.

First Grade Wood Sculpture

First Grade Wood Sculpture

October 2012

Gallery of Art
 Work in Progress

Grade Five designs "book bins", handmade in their 
classrooms and brought to art classes for finishing.

Using the concepts of positive and
 negative space on book bins.
(See nature's leaf show through the windows?)

Book bin design in progress.

Grade One Mixed Media 
drawing and painting.

A first grader paints the negative space.

Using oil crayons and paint, Grade
 One drew a picture of wood sculptures
 they had built on their tables.

A first grader paints the negative
 space around patterned shapes.

Fourth and Fifth graders worked on
 "string paintings", inspired by the
 Huichol Art of Mexico.

October 2012
The Huichol Indians of Mexico were our inspiration for learning about positive and negative shapes. The string "paintings" of this indigenous tribe are typically spiritually motivated. Our designs were driven by our curiosity for working with great materials and new concepts.  All classes worked with the concepts of shape in various materials including paper, string, adhesive felt, oil crayons, glue and paint! A showing of our completed projects will soon be in our hallways and in our updates right here!

Irregularly shaped blocks were used as a contrast to geometric shapes in much of our beginning work, as well. At the youngest level, children built temporary block sculptures and transitioned into 2D drawings of block sculptures. We focused on stacking, balancing, incorporating a base, looking for negative and positive shapes in and around our 2D and 3D work. Color blending on the positive shapes and painting the negative spaces will complete these exercises for our youngest. Children in grades 2 and 3 found themselves designing name blocks, cutting and pasting, using concepts of symmetry and decoupage techniques. Grades 4 and 5 are involved in the string "paintings".  We have begun designing the surfaces of the 5th grade handmade book bins, (constructed in 5th grade classrooms with teachers). Please see our final projects right back here in our future updates!

September 2012
ART can involve....science, experimenting, 
math, reading, music, dance, elements of art, 
principles of art, mistakes,
 artists, geography, cultures, spirit, emotion.

We began our year reading, "Beautiful OOPS!", by Barney Saltzberg. To set the scene for making mistakes in art class, we used drops of paint as starting points in our drawings. The homemade green paint, an experiment I wanted to share with my students, represented how art involves science and experimentation. I mixed spirulina (green algae), water, dish detergent and corn starch. The paint held onto the paper well, but the kids didn't quite know what to make of it all. Because of their open mindedness, students embraced the exercise, tapped into their creativity and surprised themselves and each other with their creations! Here are a few examples of Happy Hollow's "beautiful oops!"

A New September 2012!

Welcome to our Happy Hollow Visual Arts Site! Here you will find monthly entries describing our focus and activities for the entire school. As we begin a new school year, please consider:

*Sending your child to art class in clothing which can "handle" messy materials.
*Checking out our volunteer opportunities in the sidebar.
*Browsing this journal to see the beautiful art work and our curricular connections!

I am very excited to begin a new year of exploration with our Happy Hollow students!
Please contact me via school email, should you have any questions or concerns. 

Best wishes for a smooth start!

Christine Soeltz
Art Instructor