2009 Art Studies

Making Curricular Connections 2009/10

Students in grades kindergarten through five have worked in a variety 

of media since September. From the basics of drawing lines and 

shapes, children of all ages moved into working with three dimensional

forms.  The elements of design,  line, shape, value, foreground and

 background were the bridge for launching children into 3D work.

Vocabulary such as sphere, cylinder, cube, pyramid and cone became 

the words which replaced the 2D words. In this case, connections were 

made between math and art.  In another project involving illustrations 

and story writing, students were asked to tie in concepts of writing with 

the visual "leading" the writing process.

In a third example, clay animals representing Massachusetts farm
animals were created. Constructing the barn to house the animals and

 focusing only on the animals from our state has fostered a curricular

 tie-in not only with our elementary social studies units but also with the 

spatial concepts explored in our math studies.

Students in grade four often begin their endangered species posters

with a drawing lesson in art class.  This year students have begun to 

create their posters in art, learning about drawing proportionately, using 

scale, designing a title and border space. After this introduction, 

students complete their work on their own.

Special Focus 2009/10

*  One of our fourth grade classes presented illustrations and written 

stories to the school during our assembly time in February.  This

 was a story telling and multimedia event which highlighted cross
curricular connections made during art class time and after school.

*  Art work has been on a rotating display in our school since the fall of 

2009, representing hundreds of students and all grade levels. The 

exhibit has been a combination of two and three dimensional work.

*  The art work of one of our third grade classes was on display at the
Town Building in the School Committee Room during December and


*  Selected art work was on display during the month of March in the

 Raytheon Room, at the Wayland Town Library.