Parents of Participants

As a parent of an exchange participant, you may follow your child through three phases upon his/her selection into this life-changing immersion program.

1)  Initial excitement, even euphoria
2) Then anxiety over academics and extra-curricular as s/he adjusts to freshmen life and establishes a bond with his/her JSYY sibling
3) Finally, unbounded anticipation and excitement and wanting to leave for Beijing, like now, never mind that it's only January!

You, too, may go through some adjustment as you get to know the child or teacher you are hosting.  It would not be uncommon for your exchange student or teacher to be initially shy, but encouragement to ask questions, or to talk about aspects of his/her culture will soon put him/her at ease as s/he gets to know you, too.  Just remember that the JSYY student is just like any other teen, and you are their American parent.

Responsibilities and paperwork:  (You will be informed as to when each item is due and everything will be stated on a calendar.  You will be helped throughout this process.)
1)  Filing a CORI for all adults over 18 in the household (unless a CORI has already been filed in Wayland such as school volunteers, coaches, etc.)
2) Ensuring there is a valid passport for your child, with an expiration date of a year beyond the departure date  of the participants. 
3) Filling out various permission, medical and participation forms.
4) Obtaining a copy of your child's birth certificate
5) Getting a notarized letter of permission to travel for the visa application
5) Filling out a visa application