In Beijing

The exchange group is greeted with flowers at the airport by their host families and school administrators.  Photos are taken.  Then the participants are whisked off to home and dinner.  

First Day of School:
Wayland students introduce themselves at the Monday morning flag-raising ceremony.  They are presented with their school uniforms and given the school pin.  Tour of the school, shadowing of some host sib classes, and orientation for first day or two.

Life at School:
The school day begins at 7:30 and ends at 3:30, with a one-hour break for lunch.  There are 10-minute breaks between the 45-minute classes.  
Wayland students attend their host siblings' English class, P.E. and Music.  Other regular classes are according to the interest of the Wayland student.  All Wayland students attend assigned Mandarin language and Chinese cultural classes.  A minimum of five classes per week are devoted to Wayland work.  
After a couple of weeks of acclimation, students may leave school at the end of the school day as a group to go exploring or shopping in the immediate local area, and return to school for pickup with the host sibling.