Did you know that the first ever cultural exchange happened in the fall of 1872 with the arrival of 30 Chinese teens in Connecticut?  It began with the involvement of a Yale University graduate in 1834.  
  • For the Yale history of that first exchange, go to:   
  • For some history of a couple of the Chinese exchange students by a U.S. high school senior, go to:     
  • For highlights on China-U.S. relations go to the New York Historical Society's page: and click on "Explore",  or to the webpage:   Part I: United States and China: 1783-1905/Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion  and click on the "Part I" url.
You will be receiving your JSYY sibling in the fall, just as the first exchange happened in 1872.  You may not connect instantaneously, but over the two months, you will come to understand each other and will definitely become siblings.  

Your job is is not to be responsible for your sibling, though that may happen naturally just as your JSYY sibling will feel responsibility for you in Beijing, but to learn how to communicate together, how to be understanding and supportive, and most of all, how to be teens together even if you may have differing interests and ideas.