About Us

Our School Community

The Wawasee Community Schools are located in the northern part of Kosciusko County. The school district is comprised of the communities of Milford, North Webster and Syracuse, Indiana. The citizenry live, work and play around five large lakes: Dewart, Webster, Tippecanoe, Syracuse and Wawasee. Three thousand five hundred students find their way to school each day by bus or private vehicle to take advantage of the many excellent educational programs offered by dedicated school personnel.

Core subjects, Gifted/Talented, Home Study, Summer School, Vocational Placement, Special Needs Instruction, etc. meet the needs of all of the students in the corporation. After school activities which include clubs, organizations and athletics help keep students very busy and productive.

Three elementary schools are located in Milford, North Webster and Syracuse, and each provides a solid educational beginning for students. The middle schools, containing Grades 6-8, continue student progress before the final four years at Wawasee High School. All three distinctly different levels of educational opportunities, elementary, middle school and high school, provide each student a strong foundation for adulthood.

We are proud of our school community and especially of our students and faculty who give their time and talents to make educational life in the Wawasee Community School Corporation an enjoyable experience.

Our Goals

  • Reading Improvement Goal: All students will improve comprehension of and responses to reading across the curriculum.
  • Writing Improvement Goal: All students will apply writing strategies and conventions through the composition of various genres (types of writing).
  • Math Improvement Goal: All students will use mathematical skills to think critically and apply knowledge and reason to solve problems.

Our Mission

The mission of Wawasee Community School Corporation is to create an academic, social, and physical environment that facilitates growth in each student toward and beyond mastery of state and national standards and achievement of personal goals set by the student in cooperation with staff and family. Staff, students, and their families commit themselves to utilizing student data and available resources to help the students reach those goals.