Wawasee IT Department

Wawasee Community School Corporation provides safe and inviting facilities. The schools actively seek the involvement of the community as a partnership and communicate information with stakeholders through a variety of media. The schools provide innovative technology along with engaging curricula to enhance learning and instruction.

Staff members have access to a variety of professional development resources, including technology coaches, ensuring that they are able to utilize all of the technology tools available to them. Staff work with students to utilize and integrate technology so that students are engaged and are preparing to succeed in a digital world. 

Parents are actively involved in their students’ academic lives. Student data are accessible to parents through the aid of technology. Parental resources will continue to grow in volume as well as their ease of accessibility through the use of technology. Technology will make it easier to involve the parents in their child’s education.

The use of 21st century skills allows students to construct and assess their own knowledge through innovative ways of learning . Students are engaged and self-motivated in their academics. Students model good citizenship through appropriate and responsible use of technology. The students are aware of their digital footprint and how it can impact
their lives both positively and negatively. Students as graduates are comfortable and capable in their use of current technologies and adaptable to future technologies, making them college and/or career ready.
Skyward Staff & Family Access

Student Information System with Parent Portal:
Check Grades, Attendance, Discipline, Register, & Pay Fees 

Warrior Warehouse

Digital resources for Wawasee Staff

Curriculum Loft CLOUD is a central repository for teachers to share digital content with staff and students.  It is an integral part of our 1 to 1 initiative at Wawasee High School with Android Tablets.

i-SAFE is a blended compliance enterprise solution that combines the power of technology, traditional curriculum and the influence of social media to educate and empower students through cutting-edge e-Safety education platforms.

  1. Access to longitudinal student-level data from numerous sources to support instructional decisions and increase student achievement;
  2. Opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from across the state through the extensive suite of communication tools;