Tech Courses Available at CIESC

posted Nov 27, 2017, 10:46 AM by Dave VanLue   [ updated Nov 27, 2017, 10:47 AM ]

Nov. 29 | PersonalizedLearning, Future Ready Series  / Technology & Curriculum/Leadership

By leveraging technologyand media resources, learning options are available to students anytime,anywhere. Learn how  personalized learning can enhance student choice,flexible learning and student achievement. PersonalizedLearning Flyer   Registration

Dec 5 |The MeaningfulTech Workshop  / Technology

With Matt Miller authorof  Ditch That Homework and Ditch That Textbook.  

Workshop is designedto give you “plug and play” ideas for your classroom. It will equip, inspireand entertain you. It’s anything but the “sit and get” PD you’ve probablyexperienced before. You’ll get your hands dirty on your own device, workingwith the tools and concepts we’ve discussed. That way, you’ll have somepractice and will be ready to go in class.We’ll laugh. There will be prizegiveaways

MattMiller’s Meaningful Tech WorkshopFlyer andRegistration 

Dec 7 | Train theTrainer Google / Technology

Responsible for (or wantto be) teaching others how to maximize the educational use and impact of GSuite? If you already have a solid understanding of Google apps, learn moreabout tips and techniques, and explore topics related to attaining your Googlefor Education Certified Trainer certificate.

Train theTrainer Google Flyer Registration