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posted Aug 31, 2017, 4:32 AM by Dave VanLue   [ updated Aug 31, 2017, 4:33 AM ]

Hello NWEA partner,

You are getting this email because you and your staff are users of NWEA MAP. I’m your account manager who takes care of your professional development, reports, and data questions and needs.  I wanted to let you know that I am going to try something new for the next couple of months.  Between now and Thanksgiving, I am going to hold “Office Hours” everyWednesday from 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM online.  We will use my online Adobe meeting room and call in number. (below)

The purpose of the Office Hours is to provide your staff with a designated time when they can reach out to me with any questions at all regarding MAP.  If no one has any questions, then I will be prepared to present on some topic related to NWEA and MAP testing.  The topic will change from week to week.

My goal is to give your staff a time designated to them for asking questions that they often think to ask but frequently don’t get to the phone.  J This is a pilot and, after about eight weeks, I will review the sessions and decide whether they will continue after the holidays.  I would love to make this a regular event so attendance would be key to the success of this new initiative.

All the attendees in these free meetings will find some kind of new and helpful information that they can take back with them and begin using immediately.  These meetings are designed to be very short (30 minutes) because teachers and administrators do not have a lot of spare time.

My “ask” is that you forward this to key staff members who might find value in weekly Office Hours where they can the quickly call in to get information that they need and answers to their questions.  This is completely optional and any staff member may attend any session.

Here is the call-in number and the Adobe meeting room for the Wednesday afternoon Office Hours:

Toll-free dial-in number: 
(844) 758-2736

Conference code: 
636 279 2524 #

For video, here is the meeting room info: (just log on using the GUEST option)


Office Hours will begin Wednesday, Sept. 13th and continue through Wednesday, Nov. 15th. At that time, we will take a break for the holidays and evaluate the success. If it’s well-received, I will continue into the second semester.  If, for any reason, I need to cancel a session, it will be listed on the Adobe screen when attendees log in. 

Questions? Just let me know!  “See” you then!


Laura Riley M.Ed
Senior Account Manager 

OFFICE 503-444-6475 | TECH SUPPORT 877-469-3287 | FAX 503-639-7873  
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