Updated Lunch

When there is an eLearning Day, the lunch for the following day will not be accurate on the calendar.


ELearning Day
Please use the underlined link to locate the lesson plans for your child: eLearning grid
If you need assistance, please contact your building teacher via email or email sharrison@wawasee.k12.in.us for technical assistance.

If your iPad will not connect to your network at home, please log to the Securly icon on your child's device.
Log in with your child's school gMail.

Name: Frederick Joseph "Fred" Flintstone
email: frederickjflintsone@students.wawasee.k12.in.us
password:Birthdate mmddyyyy



Welcome to North Webster Elementary School!

Our mission at North Webster Elementary is to create an academic, social, and physical environment that facilitates growth in each student toward and beyond mastery of state and national standards and achievement of personal goals set by the student in cooperation with staff and family.  Our staff, students, and families commit themselves to utilizing student data and available resources to help the students to reach those goals. 
We are looking forward to a fantastic year of learning together! Go Warriors!

Mr. Lee Snider
Mr. Snider

School Day Times

For a schedule of start times, dismissal times, weather delay times, and SMART Start Wednesday times for Wawasee Community Schools, please click HERE.

Please note that on Wednesdays, if a two-hour delay is needed, there will be no SMART Start. The two-hour delay will follow the two-hour delay schedule of any other day of the week.

Breakfast is served at all Wawasee Schools in the school cafeterias. Student cost for paid breakfast is $1.00 and reduced cost is $.30. (Serving times listed on attached schedule of school day times.)

Raptor Visitor Check-in/out System