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4th Project Meeting - Romania

(Romania, 4-8 May 2015)
Romanian WAVES Project Conference and Meeting

Between 4th May- 8th May 2015 held the fourth meeting in the European project LLP Grundtvig "Water Activities and Vitality in Environmental Spaces" (WAVES), in which is involved the Naval Architecture Faculty from the "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati.

The project is achieved in partnership with four other organizations in England, Portugal, Italy and Turkey being integrated into the learning process throughout life and is structured in activities taking place in mobilities designed to exchange best practice in education. The main local partner of the project is the "Youth and Future" NGO.

To achieving the activities in Romania were involved ten professors from the Faculty of Naval Architecture and a group of volunteers students that make up the group of trainers in working with people with special needs. Members of the group of trainers were moved to other partners to present the results statistically derived from activities in Romania and to make contact with the group of disadvantaged people from each partner country in order to share the best practice of the education policies / adult education systems and the transfer of innovative methods.

The Naval Architecture Faculty of Galati hosted the fourth meeting of the project together with the representatives of all institutions in the project:
  • England – The Wave Project CIC (coordinator): 3 persons;
  • Italy – Arcifelix: 3 persons from the staff and 9 learners;
  • Turkey – Muratpasa Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu: 3 persons from the staff and 8 learners;
  • Portugal- Associação de Professores de Sintra: 2 persons from the staff and 3 learners.
The project objectives were fully found in the activities proposed by our faculty, as host, the program was complex and varied, that contained interesting items of communication that it have found their rationality in the project theme: presentations on the theme of the project, which it have taken place at WAVES Conference during two days: the first day on 6th May, at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Galati, to which in the institution amphitheater, in front of a large audience (over 500 people) were made power point presentations by each partner on the activities carried out with adults with special needs, while each participating country had stands exposure with various achieved material during the activities of the two-year project, into the lobby of the institution.

In the second day of the Conference was held the scientific part of the WAVES Conference, entitled: "Environmental issues in terms of ecology and Its Protection", aimed to present scientific papers on environmental issues, that were supported both by professors of the Faculty of Naval Architecture and Faculty of Engineering and specialists on environmental issues, experts from Naval sector and from Damen multinational Dutch company, international experts and representatives of the project partners. In the first part of the scientific Conference the opening word has belonged to the academician professor Liviu Stoicescu followed by the dean of our faculty, professor PhD Leonard Domnisoru.

During the five days we were also made visits to the Damen shipyard and to the Towing Tank from Galati Naval Architecture Faculty from the „Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati. In the third day of the meeting were made sports on the Danube promenade, attended the volunteers students of the project together with disadvantaged adults in the target group and project partners. In the two days of the meeting was done visiting the Danube Delta and the cultural objectives of our city.

The program was very interesting and all participants have returned to home with rich experience related to the project theme of communication and exchange of best practices on disadvantaged adult’s issues, but also on environmental issues, with people from various parts of Europe. The intercultural exchanges that took place between the partners and hosts were very interesting and profound, the first being capable to know closely the hospitality and Romanian cultural elements in its various aspects (history, traditions and customs, culinary aspects, music, dancing). Moreover, the partners, volunteers students and adults in the target group made a special cultural exchange, the groups being capable to make known the country and culture, traditions and gastronomy of the participating countries.