The Wave Project

The Wave Project CIC - UK
(coordinator institution) -
The Wave Project is a not for profit company that runs a surf club in the UK for young people who are experiencing low mood, lack of confidence or poor self-esteem. We use a mix of professional surf instructors and volunteer peer-mentors to provide 1:1 support for learners. Our research has found that a six-week surfing course with 1:1 support from a peer mentor can help learners to feel more motivated, positive and confident about their lives. There are indications that this change of mood helps them to improve other areas of their lives, such as health and education. We hope that by working with partners in Europe on WAVES we will learn from other countries about how their work helps motivate adults learners in education, and share our own approaches to help inspire other partners in their work.

ArciFelix - Italy
The association ArciFelix offers training to adults and people with special needs. We consider it essential give people more opportunities to increase self-confidence, discover new environments and increase their experience and expertise. Since three years the association Arcifelix is managing a center called “Il Dado”, which offers socio-educational interventions aimed at adults with disabilities. The goal is to contribute to growth, autonomy and integration aimed at well-being and active participation. We take care to work with adults (especially disabled people and their families). During the week we meet participants every day (for eight hours) and we do inside and outside activities. In the center we deal with strengthening the skills linguistic / expressive, graphic / pictorial, manuals, technological and socialization. For example, ArciFelix holds laboratories of animated reading, recycling, computer, photography, theater, cooking, etc.. Outdoor activities are aimed to develop autonomy, ability to relationship, orientation and sport.

Associação de Professores de Sintra
Associação de Professores de Sintra - Portugal
APS is a non-profit organisation created in 1992 with the main purpose of supporting teachers of all levels and to enhance their professional development. Its work covers a wide range of activities (national and international conferences, seminars, publications, thematic workshops, in-service training courses, international projects, etc. ) and has been recognised by the local and national authorities.

APS is an In-service Teacher Training Centre recognised by the Portuguese Ministry of Education since 1993, covering a wide range of areas and involving yearly more than one thousand teachers of all teaching levels.

Since 1997 APS has been involved as a partner in several European projects, namely “Développer une methodologie des TIC pour la classe de langue”, "EPT - European Portfolio for Teachers”, “The Learning Teacher Network” and has coordinated the Comenius 2.1 Project "Digital portfolio as a strategy for teacher's professional development". Presently is part of two European consortiums: RIGHTS - pRomoting Global citizensHip Through digital Storytelling, No. 2011 - 3614 / 001 – 001- ref: 517923-LLP-1-2011-1-IT-COMENIUS-CMP and EU - tune within the framework of PRINCE 2010 – EU27. It has also organized and set up several courses addressed to European teachers.

APS is member of the steering committees of the European Education Networks "The Learning Teacher Network" and "ecoMEDIA Europe".

APS promotes regularly national conferences aiming at the development of teachers professional identity, teaching methodologies, educational use of ICT, local heritage and culture and curricular development. In the scope of its participation in the European Education Networks “The Learning Teacher Network” and "ecoMEDIA Europe", APS has also organized international conferences devoted to subjects such as lifelong learning, sustainability, inclusion, values and the European dimension of teaching and learning.

Several of the teacher training initiatives of the APS are developed by means of the use of distance learning methodologies using Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) and involving course design, educational resources mediatisation and online tutoring.

The Faculty of Naval Architecture from “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galaţi
Naval Architecture Faculty of the "Dunarea de Jos" University - Romania 
The Faculty of Naval Architecture from “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galaţi, is the main provider of highly technical and scientific training in Naval Architecture, at the Romanian national level. Through its mission undertaken by all staff, to continue the tradition of Romanian naval school through a higher education quality, an effective learning, a competitive scientific research, and professional services to the community, the Faculty of Naval Architecture contributes to general and specific skills training graduates for professional development of outstanding personalities in engineering, research and naval design.

The specializations in the field of Naval Architecture at the " Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati have a tradition of over 60 years, since the establishment of the Naval Mechanical Institute (1951) and to the current organizational structure of teaching and research at the Faculty of Naval Architecture ( 2002), which includes: Department of Naval Architecture and Scientific Research Centre of Ship Hydrodynamics and structures. The study programs included in the faculty portfolio covers all three Bologna cycles: Bachelor, Master and PhD curriculum harmonized with EU requirements, which are in a continuous process of development in the competitive academic and research correlated with the dynamics of scientific and technological research in naval engineering.

Faculty of Naval Architecture has an innovative academic body, its own patrimony and an adequate infrastructure for research, with an active involvement in national projects and international cooperation programs with a tradition already recognized in hydrodynamic research, structures and marine equipment.

About more than six decades within the Faculty of Naval Architecture were formed and worked most prominent scientific personalities who contributed to the development of domestic shipbuilding industry. Today the students of our faculty have provided all necessary conditions to become specialists in naval architecture, with a highly professional training, benefiting from recognition nationally and internationally.

The Faculty of Naval Architecture, through its education and research structures is identified as a modern academic institution that offers its services to those who want to study the field of naval architecture, and it is open to the collaboration focused on the scientific research to all partners from the shipping industry.

National Education Directorate of Muratpasa
Muratpaşa Ilçe Millî Eğitim Müdürlüğü - Turkey
Muratpaşa with a population of 500.000 is one of the five central districts of Antalya province which is a popular seaside city in Turkey. 

The National Education Directorate of Muratpasa has been founded in 2008 and has begun providing education management, supervision and support service for the whole society of the district.

Our directorate is responsible for the education management of 112 education institutions in addition to four learning centres. The learning centres are divided into three as LLL, VET and Counselling and Care centres providing education, training and other types of support service to the adults who are out of formal education in the district.

Our departments of Special Education and the Life Long Learning are responsible for the development and the assurance of quality of the training&support services provided for all with priority of the disadvantaged groups, ranging from special needs to social exclusion risks in our region.

The defined groups depending on the types and levels of their disadvantages are provided with varied actions of formal, informal, non-formal training including learning support at their homes.

Our directorate is also officially responsible at governmental scale for the coordination&supervision of all types of trainings, education activities, seminars, and other types of efforts held for the people with special needs or their caretakers and others like the parents and mentors/trainers related.

Each year, more than one thousand people(adults, trainers, volunteers, teachers, parents) participate into seminars/conferences/tranings/campaigns, workshops and other awareness raising and information sharing events organised by the directorate.

We strongly believe that WAVES will contribute a lot to the improvement of our adult training methods, approaches and leave permanent positive effects.