The WAVES Project

The WAVES Project consortium

The WAVES Grundtvig Learning partnership has five partners from England, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Turkey, all of which are organisations that deliver adult training in their context, and are keen to work at a multilateral European cooperation level in order to improve their practices in the adult training field. 

WAVES project is based on the previous successful case studies held in Cornwall, UK, which focused on the use of surfing as an outdoor training method for the restoration of self-confidence in adults and young people. The idea has been accepted as a starting point and been broadened and improved to be applicable in varied geographies from southern to northern parts of Europe.

WAVES process will be a tool for all partners to share and learn good practices in the adult training field and also will be an innovative action at which sporting actions in the outdoor environment are adopted as non-formal training for the improvement social and life skills for disadvantaged adults. 

WAVES will deliver specially designed training, structured in pre and post phases, to be conducted in parallel programmes with partner organisations, after which it is expected that the adult learners will improve their self-confidence, communication skills, other vitality skills in addition to many informal learning benefits. 

WAVES will use media events, conferences, written publications, website, social media groups and local networking systems for visibility and dissemination aims of the project, while sharing almost all project management responsibilities with its learners.