Healthy Fundraising Ideas


Healthy Fundraising


Each year, schools around the country create plans for a variety of ways to raise funds; often times these efforts are coordinated by parents through PTA/PTO groups. Fundraisers provide money for a variety of necessary school improvements and scholarships. Schools use these funds to purchase playground equipment, classroom materials such as updated globes and maps, subsidize costly field trips, and many more important items.


In 2000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) School Health Policies and Programs Study (SHPPS) reported that 82% of schools used food and beverage sales for fundraising activities. Among the most commonly sold foods were chocolate candy, baked goods (including cookies, crackers, cakes, pastries), and candy other than chocolate. Selling less nutritious food items for fundraising contradicts nutrition messages taught in the classroom, giving the impression that schools care more about making money than about student health. In contrast, healthful fundraising gives consistent, positive health messages. New school fundraising strategies which include the sale of healthy foods and non-food items, is a public demonstration of the school’s commitment to promoting healthy behaviors among students, families, and communities at large, while helping schools meet their financial needs.

To support healthy eating, consider some of these healthy fundraising ideas!

School Spirit Fundraisers


     Spirit/Seasonal Flags

     Stadium pillows or cushions

     Yearbook covers

     Yearbook space/monograms

     Book covers

     T-shirts and sweatshirts

     Pocket calendars

     Scarves, gloves, knit hats

     School Frisbee


     License plate frames w/ logo


     Ball caps

     Wrist bands

     Picture frames

     Plastic cups or water bottles

     Key rings and chains


     Buttons and pins


     Bus passes for away games

     Flannel pants or shorts


Entertaining Fundraisers 

     Temporary tattoos

     Milk mustache photos

     Valentine’s Day flowers

     School art drawings

     Flowers and bulbs

     Balloon bouquets

     Food bouquets

     Talent shows

     Singing telegrams


     Magic show

     School dances

     Movie tickets

     Food coupons

     Arcade passes or tokens

     Plant seeds

Material Fundraisers

     Cookbook of easy and healthy after-school snacks and meals

     Bath accessories

     Books and calendars

     Brick/stone/tile memorials


     First aid kits

     Gift baskets (coffee/tea/fruit/vegetable/cheese)

     Gift wrap, boxes, and bags

     Greeting cards/stationary

     Holiday ornaments

     House decorations



     Picture frames


     Car accessories

     Coupon booklets