Healthy Concession Stand Ideas


Implementation Ideas

Concessions are part of many most school-sponsored sporting events. They also help student groups and clubs raise needed activity funds. WASD Wellness Policy requires 50% of foods offered in concessions to be “healthy” choices.  Concession sales can be a great opportunity to provide and promote healthy choices. Students will buy and consume healthy foods and beverages when the options are accessible, affordable and tasty. Concession sales can be profitable and contribute to the health and well-being of students.

Offer a variety of healthy food and beverage items that are low in saturated/trans fats, sodium and added sugars such as:

Low Fat or Fat Free Milk

Water / Flavored Water (Calorie Free)

Low-Fat Pudding

100% Fruit Juice/ 100% Low Sodium Vegetable Juice

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese

Low-Fat Yogurt

Low-Fat String Cheese

Dried Fruit


Fresh fruit or Fruit Cups with No Added Sugar

Fresh Vegetables with Low-Fat Dips such as Salsa, Hummus, Yogurt

Whole Grain  Low-Fat, Sandwiches/Wraps

Whole-Grain, Low- Fat Pizza (Veggies & Light Mozzarella)

Whole-Grain, Low-Sodium Pretzels

Whole-Grain Baked Chips / Salsa

Snack-Size bags of Low-Fat, Low-Sodium  Microwave Popcorn

Low-Fat, Low-Sugar Granola or Cereal Bars

Mini Bagels with Low-Fat Cream Cheese

Nuts & Seeds

Trail mix