Healthy and Active Classroom Party Ideas

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From birthday to holiday parties throughout the school year, children and teachers have numerous reasons to celebrate. Celebrations are a great way for children to feel part of the school community, where the learning environment is made festive and where children, teachers and parents can come together to enjoy a break from the routine.


Traditionally, school parties center around food. Foods such as cupcakes, cookies, candy, chips and beverages such as punch are often the central components of the school party menu. While these foods, in moderation, can be part of a healthy, well-balanced diet, these unhealthy choices have almost become daily norms in the classroom, rather than exceptions.

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Take a look at these healthier class party ideas:

Eat Better

     100% Fruit/Vegetable Juice

     Water/Flavored Water (calorie-free)

     Low-fat or fat-free Milk

     Fresh fruit assortment

     Fruit and cheese kabobs

     Fruit w/ whipped topping

     100% fruit snacks

     Vegetable trays

     Cheese-cubes, string cheese


     Low-fat popcorn

     Graham crackers

     Animal crackers

     Angel food cake – plain or topped with fruit

     Low-fat pudding

     Low-fat yogurt or parfaits

     Trail/Cereal Mixes or Bars

     Nuts, seeds

Move More and Other Ideas

     Add an extra recess

     Celebrate all monthly birthdays with an open gym celebration!

     Go for a class walk or hike around the school campus

     Turn on some music and dance!

     Play a class game of kickball

     Have extra art or music time

     Take the class to the library

     Plan a thematic craft for the party. For example, painting pumpkins for Halloween, or Valentine mailboxes for holding cards children will receive.

     Party games are always a hit! Have a scavenger hunt where children look for school supply items in their classroom or on the playground.

     Take a field trip to the local zoo, skating rink, or museum

     Play an exercise or yoga DVD for kids


Note:  Healthy classroom treats with a birthday card may be ordered through WASD

Food Service, contact Carrie Spees.