Wautoma Area School District Beliefs:

WASD RTI Team May 29, 2014


We believe collaboration among students, their families, the community, and the school staff is the foundation of effective problem-solving and instructional decision-making.

Culturally Responsive Practices

We believe the Wautoma Area School District students are increasingly diverse. Our academic and behavioral practices reflect this diversity and are intentionally inclusive of the cultures in our communities.

Multi-level system of support

We believe all students can learn when provided the right support. All levels of instruction are  based on student responsiveness and data, allowing us to meet the individual needs of all learners.

High quality instruction

We believe high quality instruction begins at the universal level with rigorous and engaging core instruction.  All instructors differentiate a standards-based curriculum to meet the individual academic and behavioral needs of our students.

Balanced Assessments

We believe balanced assessment includes multiple measures of progress that drive high quality instruction. Continuous review of student progress plays a critical role in decision-making and determines how to best respond to the needs of our students.