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Staff PositonStaff NamePhone ExtensionEmail AddressWebsite
Staff PositonStaff NamePhone ExtensionEmail AddressWebsite
A+ Site Coordinator Abby Weiland 4017  
Kindergarten Teacher Amy Hopfensperger 4005 Mrs. Hopfensperger Class 
Principal Ann Fajfer 4200 Riverview Connections 
Library Media Support Assistant Barb Hotzel 4009  
Kindergarten Music/Art/PE Teacher Brianna Schwartz 4101  
1st Grade Teacher Brittany Laber 4006 Miss Laber's Class 
Nurse Cari Pronchinske 4202  
School Counselor Cherie Bunde 4018 Mrs. Bunde's School Counselor Page 
Instructional Coach Chris Backey 4003 Coaches Corner 
Support Assistant Cindy Dahlke 4109  
Art Teacher Cindy Miller 4101 Mrs. Miller's Art Classes 
4K Classroom Teacher Connie Coron 4206 4 Year Old Kindergarten 
3rd Grade Teacher David Woyak 4133 Mr. Woyak's Class 
Support Assistant Dawn Flatoff 4206  
3rd Grade Teacher Erin Walbrun 4122 Mrs. Walbrun's Class 
ELL Support Assistant Faith Hernadez 4100  
Special Education Teacher Jana Kropp 4109  
Support Assistant Janice Wedde 4206  
Office Assistant Jean Lemke 4201  
Custodian Jeff Miller 4011  
ELL Coordinator Jennifer Erickson 4112  
1st Grade Teacher Jennifer Lehr 4002 Mrs. Lehr's Blogspot 
2nd Grade Teacher Jennifer Wagner 4129  
Custodian John Edwards 4011  
Kindergarten Teacher Jolene Genskow 4008  
Instructional Coach Julie Berger 4120 Coaches Corner 
Kindergarten Teacher Julie Lyons 4001 Mrs. Smith's Kindergarten Class 
Library Media Specialist Kathy Carlson 4015 WASD Elementary Libraries 
Support Assistant Kathy Gulbronson 4103  
Special Education Teacher Katie Jaroch 4103  
Instructional Coach Kaycee Michalski 4115 Mrs. Michalski's 1st Grade Blog 
4K Classroom Teacher Kelly Miller 4206 4 Year Old Kindergarten 
Food Service Assistant Kelly Van 4010  
Secretary Kim Floeter 4000  
Speech Pathologist Lori Erdman 4111  
Food Service Accountant Lori Miller 4319  
2nd Grade Teacher Mariah Moe 4128   
2nd Grade Teacher Marisa Steppke 4130 Mrs. Steppke's Classroom 
2nd Grade Teacher Miranda Napralla 4126  
Music Teacher Molly Siefert 4012 
Kindergarten Teacher Nichole Thorne 4007   
3rd Grade Teacher Pam Nighbor 4134 Mrs. Nighbor's Class 
3rd Grade Teacher Pam Topel 4118   
Early Childhood Support Assistant Patricia McAfee 4206  
1st Grade Teacher Rachel Barth 4116  
Support Assistant Robin Roder 4109  
Food Service Assistant Roxanne Gaetzke 4010  
Kindergarten Teacher Shawna Matuszeski 4004 Ms. Matuszeski and Mrs. Hopfensperger's Class 
Program Support Assistant Tammy Strelow 4103  
Physcial Education Teacher Tim Solarek 4102  
Early Childhood Specialist Tina Miles 4206 4 Year Old Kindergarten 
Custodian Tom Kunkel 4011  
Reading Specialist Tracy Keller 4111 Literacy LLI 
Showing 53 items