Ready, Set, READ!!!

Strong reading skills are the foundation to your child's success in education,
and frankly everything they will do in their lives. 
Here are five tips to help your child develop a lifelong love of reading.

1. Share Reading: Set a reading time; bedtime for example.  Talk about the pictures and read with expression.  Even as kids get older, keep reading with them they enjoy it, adults even enjoy being read to. 

2. Know your child's interests and use this as a springboard to finding books and other materials to engage them in.

3. Read what they read.  This will ensure that the content is age-appropriate and the bonus is that it will give you something to have a conversation about.

4. Enroll in getting a public library card!  They are free to all who would like one!  The resources at your public library go beyond just books!  Ask your local librarian, they are a great friend to have!

5.  Write your child notes, find a special place that they can find them, or perhaps a riddle/joke of the day they can read at lunchtime tucked away in their lunchbox.  Keep the notes simple, using words they know.  

Ideas for this webpage came from: WEAC Classroom Connections 2010-2011