2015-2016 School Events

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Redgranite Elementary

Redgranite Elementary is a kindergarten through 5th grade school with a dedicated staff who have worked hard to provide a quality education for all students. Redgranite Elementary participates in the SAGE program, providing small class sizes in grades kindergarten through third grade, a rigorous curriculum, ongoing professional development for staff members, and an afterschool program. Our character education program encourages and celebrates positive behaviors of our children. We encourage our parents to be active through volunteering and participating in our parent teacher organization. We are very proud of the positive attitude of our students and the support from parents and the community.

May Student of the Month

Andrew Larson is Redgranite School’s student of the month for May.  Andrew was a new student to our district this year, and he made friends with others in his classroom quickly.  Andrew also earned the respect of his teachers because of his polite manners and exemplary behavior. He is a good role model for other students. Andrew definitely displays the character traits that our school district emphasizes.  However, there is one character trait that stands out above the others - determination.  Andrew and his teachers set some significant reading goals for him to strive towards.  He worked diligently in his classroom and with his reading teacher every day, and Andrew even gave up recess time so that he could read often.  Andrew approached each day with an incredibly positive attitude.  He always did whatever was asked of him with enthusiasm and without complaint.  His great attitude played an important role in how quickly he caught on to new concepts and strategies that were introduced.  As a result, Andrew gained 10 reading levels in one year which is absolutely amazing!  I can tell that Andrew enjoys reading. He is enthusiastic about books, both fiction and non-fiction, and sometimes even reads too fast because he is so anxious to find out what's happening!  I can think of little else that could bring more joy to a reading teacher!  I think Andrew deserves to be recognized for this achievement and for his remarkable demonstration of determination.  That is why I chose to nominate him as student of the month.

Cooperation Recognized

Redgranite Elementary School recently recognized students who were showing the character trait Cooperation at their monthly character assembly.  Students being recognized were front row:  Tiara Hernandez and Piper Riese.  Back row:  Sam Nagle, John Burns, Bailey Baltz, Makaela Reyes, and Maybelle Armstrong

Integrity Recognized

Redgranite School recognized at the monthly character assembly those students who were showing ‘Integrity’  Students being recognized were Front Row:  Noah Gimenez, Mary Covey, Brennan Mullen, Jayden Marsh.  Back Row:  Hannah Jensen, Jasmine Haka, Yessica  Arreola

December Student of the month

Tyler Perkins is selected as Redgranite Student of the Month.  Tyler is a hard worker who shows determination.  Tyler has made great gains since the beginning of the year in reading and especially in math.  When Tyler does his work, he does not give up until he had done the best he can do and I admire Tyler for that.  Tyler shows respect to others and treats them the way he wants to be treated.  Tyler is also a great help on the playground, helping to pick up stray playground equipment at the end of recess.  This is why I nominated Tyler for Student of the Month.

Empathy Recognized

Redgranite School recently recognized students who were caught showing empathy during the month of December.  Pictures are front Row: Saya Pulver, Ryan Young, Brody Anderson and Bree Umansky.  Back Row is James Riley, Brody House and Trevor Larson.

Winter music program 2015

November Student of the Month

This year our 4th grade classroom theme is “Hollywood Stars,” and I think Elizabeth Groling is ready for the “Red Carpet

I believe Elizabeth is a wonderful nominee for Redgranite’s Student of the Month.

She gives “star performances” in responsibility, dependability, and citizenship on a daily basis.  Elizabeth comes to school each day ready for “Lights, Camera, and Action”. She takes her “role” as a student seriously by completing her assignments neatly and on time. Elizabeth asks for help when she needs it, and is willing to help others whenever possible.  She has our “script” of class routines and procedures memorized, so she performs them correctly for the other stars in our classroom audience. I feel lucky to have Elizabeth as a member of our 4th grade “Cast.”

So, I am honored to present Elizabeth Groling with this “AcadeMertzy Oscar” for Student of the Month.

Veteran's Day Celebrated ---Thank you VETERANS

Respect Trait Recognized

Redgranite School recently recognized students for showing the character trait Respect at their monthly assembly.  Pictured are back row from left to right: Nathan Millen, Tyler Zernzach, Hope Gonzales, Natalie Perkins.  Front row:  Holli Nagle, Jenna Phillips, Henley Klassy, Adysen Tetzlaff.

October Student of the Month

Lily Friday is very deserving of the student of the month award. She is the kind of student that makes teaching a pleasure. She is responsible - she can be depended on to always be doing the right thing. She gets done what needs to be done and on time too. She has successfully learned her multiplication and division facts quickly. She enjoys reading and does it often. Lily's classroom behavior is that of a model student. She is quiet when she needs to be, works well with any partner and is understanding of her classmates' differences. Lily is a great candidate for student of the month.

Responsibility Trait Students Recognized

Students at Redgranite Elementary School were recently recognized for showing the character trait Responsibility during the month of October.   Pictured are back row: Gabi Ceballos, Landon Johnson, Alex Young, Madalynn Clark, and Blake Higgins.  Front Row:  Jasmine Taylor, Anakin Jezwinski and Tyler Perkins

September Student of the Month

Noah Gimenez has been selected as Redgranite Elementary School’s student of the month.  Noah has demonstrated excellent beginning of the school year characteristics.  He has been attentive to our class routines and rules.  He leads others in our class by his example – he respectfully does the right thing at the right time.  Noah is determined to complete assignments and when he is confused he respectfully asks for help.  Noah’s friendly, positive attitude helps our class build a positive community.  Noah is an excellent representative of Redgranite Elementary.

Fire Prevention Week

The Redgranite Fire Department assisted the school during their fire drill as a part of FIre Prevention Week.  The school recognized the Redgranite Fire Department for their ongoing support for our school with a framed picture.

Homecoming 2015

Grandparents Day Sept 29th Thanks for making their day special !


Redgranite School

Tree dedication in memory of longtime custodian Roy Preston on May 20th 2016

April Student of the Month

I present KaiLee Groling as Redgranite’s Student of the Month.  She is very deserving of the honor.  She is respectful, responsible, cooperative and hard-working.  She’s a leader by unerring good example.  She can be depended upon to always complete and return her work ~ having given it her best effort.  KaiLee shows integrity in all she does.  She is polite and treats everyone fairly and kindly.  She makes it her job to pay attention in class and learn.  She follows directions promptly without fail. She is an excellent representative of our school. 

March Student of the Month

I would like to spell out the reasons that Kaydence Scofield has been nominated as Redgranite's Student of the Month.

k is for kindness that Kaydence shows each and every day to her classmates and to me.  She begins every day with a happy smile and is always willing to help anyone.

a is for attentive listening.  Kaydence is an attentive listener in class and demonstrates what she is learning on a daily basis.  She makes connections and points out related items she comes across that fits previous lessons.  

y is for yes!  You won't hear complaints or sighs from Kaydence about assignments or projects.  Instead, you will hear a "Yes" or another positive comment that proves she enjoys learning. 

d is for determination.  Kaydence is always determined to do her best.  She works hard to meet goals that she has set.  She finished her 3rd quarter AR goal quite early and talked about how she needed to set a higher point goal for herself during the 4th quarter.  She also shows her determination by finishing her daily homework on time each day. 

e is for effort.  Kaydence takes her time on all her work to make it her best effort. She isn't satisfied with just finishing something; she wants the final product to be something she is proud of.

n is for nice.  It is nice to have Kaydence in my classroom because she is nice to everyone.  She speaks kindly to everyone and treats them like she wants to be treated. 

c is for the character traits she displays.  Her honesty, integrity, leadership, empathy and respect are just a few ways that she is a role model for her classmates.

e is for excited enthusiasm.  Kaydence enjoys coming to school and that is evident in her excitement and enthusiasm with activities and projects we do in class. 

Congratulations Kaydence on being named Student of the Month!

Afterschool Program enjoying an afternoon at the skating rink

February Student of the Month

I am nominating Lacey Vissers for student of the month because of her positive attitude, empathy, and determination. Every morning I am greeted by Lacey with a smile and a “Good Morning, Ms. Reinke. I hope you had a good night last night.” The positive attitude is still there throughout the day, whether it’s a giggle at one of my (probably lame) jokes, or a congrats to a friend who just met a goal. She reminds me every day of all the things we have to be thankful for, and all the ways we can make someone else’s day better. Which brings me to empathy. She is always there to help a friend (or me!) in need. She never hesitates to help clean up the spilled pencil box, lend a hand to friend who falls, or give an encouraging word to someone struggling. She extends that same empathy to all those around her, whether that be a friend, a stranger, young or old. Lacey also displays determination in everything she does. She is always trying her best, and continues to work towards goals she sets all on her own. She works hard to the best student and person she can be, and that is why I think Lacey Vissers deserves Student of the Month.

Leadership Recognized

Redgranite Elementary School recently recognized students during the monthly character assembly for showing the character trait Leadership.  Pictured are 
Front Row:  Lizzette Riese, Abby Wilcox, and Deztene Quandt  Back Row:  Lucas Adamson-Moore, Cassy Neisius, Dallas Duke, and Brianna Gregory.

January Student of the Month

Becky has shown tremendous growth in her years at Redgranite Elementary School . She has become confident in her abilities and is willing to ask questions to completely understand challenging work. She is a hard worker and never gives up even when obstacles are placed in her way. For these reasons 
​I am
  proud to nominate Becky Pederson for Redgranite School Student of the Month.

Determination Recognized

Redgranite Elementary School recently held their character education assembly to introduce the new trait for the month and also recognizing students for showing the character trait Determination.  Students that were recognized were:  Back Row:  Hannah House, Gracee Anzivino, Ryder Vandeveer and Ferris Quigley Front Row:  Aiden Gregory, Jayden Hansen, Laurynn Lopes and Evher Hernandez