2014-2015 School Year

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Redgranite Elementary

Redgranite Elementary is a kindergarten through 5th grade school with a dedicated staff who have worked hard to provide a quality education for all students. Redgranite Elementary participates in the SAGE program, providing small class sizes in grades kindergarten through third grade, a rigorous curriculum, ongoing professional development for staff members, and an afterschool program. Our character education program encourages and celebrates positive behaviors of our children. We encourage our parents to be active through volunteering and participating in our parent teacher organization. We are very proud of the positive attitude of our students and the support from parents and the community.

May Student of the Month

Mary Covey deserves to be Redgranite Student of the Month because she is a dependable and responsible girl who shows leadership to the kindergartners and first graders in the classroom. Mary comes to school every morning with a smile on her face and is eager to learn. Mary always completes and returns her homework on time. Mary participates in class and thinks carefully before answering a question or sharing a comment. I can count on Mary to be a leader in the classroom. When our class receives a new student, I can count on Mary to take the time to help the new students, show them around the classroom, and get them acquainted with the various routines, procedures, and learning centers that are already in place in the classroom. Mary’s leadership, as well as her dependability and responsibility, is why she deserves to be Student of the Month.

April Student of the Month

Nick Gonzales is Redgranite School student of the month for April. Nick is a fifth grader who has shown leadership throughout his years at Redgranite Elementary by his positive attitude and actions at school. Nick is friendly and pleasant, both to teachers and fellow students alike. He demonstrates exceptional manners with both his words and his actions. Even simple things like pushing in someone else's chair or putting a book away are the kinds of things Nick will do without being asked. Nick is a responsible playground supervisor and excellent role model. He chooses good strategies to help younger students solve conflicts in a positive way, and also interacts and plays with the kids outside. In class, Nick completes his homework on time, puts forth his best effort, and can be counted on to do the right things and make good choices, even in the absence of an adult. These qualities make Nick an excellent candidate for student of the month, and will help him be successful as he moves on to Parkside next year.

Cooperation Recognized

Students at Redgranite held their last character assembly for the school year.  The following students were recognized for showing cooperation:  Back Row:Sam Nagle, Kuri Klassy, Gracee Anzivino, James Riley, Andrew Pedersen, and Desiree Kallas, Front row: Paige Pierotti, and Evher Hernandez

March Student of the Month

Kyler Meyer is nominated for student of the month. Kyler works hard to do well on his class work and homework. He is very responsible. He always has his needed items for class and his homework is done on time. Kyler knows the rules and always follows them, this shows a good model for his peers and younger students. When Kyler is responsible for Playground duty he is always ready and is willing to take it over for anyone else that may be gone when it is there turn. I never have to talk to Kyler about his behavior or actions, as he is controlling them all on his own. This is why I nominate Kyler for student of the month.

Integrity Recognized

On Tueday April 7th students at Redgranite School held their monthly character assembly.  The following students were recognized for showing integrity:  Back Row: Damian Powless, Brandon Brown, Ally Phillips, Makenzie Reyes, Aidan Young  Front Row: Jayden Marsh, Nikhil Sommers  Absent from picture Nikkole Pierotti

February Student of the Month

Lucy Marks is a remarkable student and person. She is, genuinely, one of the most polite and kind students I've had the opportunity to teach. Lucy is helpful and never complains. She takes on each day's tasks as if they were her job and always does her best work. Lucy has many great attributes including good grades, responsibility for her duties, and the respect for her classmates, peers, and staff members of our school. But, the one thing that stands out for her is how she can turn a dismal or frustrating day into a positive, uplifting experience. Lucy's smile just warms your heart and makes you feel happy and glad to be in school. For these reasons and many more, I nominate Lucy Marks to be Redgranite School's "Student of the Month" for February.

Leadership Recognized

Redgranite Students were recognized at the monthly character assembly.  Receiving recognition for February's character trait-Leadership were the following students:    Back Row:  Graham Vissers, Maybelle Armstrong, Lily Marks, Jasmine Haka and Hunter Netzler    Front Row: Noah Gimenez, Lilly Reinert and Landon Johnson

January Student of the Month

Neven Meyer shows excellent character traits each and every day. He is a wonderful role model to all students. Neven is an attentive listener, participates frequently in class, and works quietly to finish his work on time. He treats everyone with respect and is well liked in return. We frequently create goals in class, and Neven challenges himself to go beyond the regular 4th grade curriculum and shows determination to meet the goals he sets for himself. Neven definitely deserves to be Redgranite’s student of the month.

Determination Recognized

The following students were recognized during our character assembly for showing determination:  Back Row:  Bill Ridarelli, Ethan Neisius, Dakota Backes, and Jayd Hedrick Front Row:  Jaxson Donovan, Laurynn Lopes and Austin Stebbins  Absent from picture Brody House 

Regranite School Spelling Champs

Congratulations to our school's spelling bee winners.  They did a great job representing our school at the district competition.  Veronica (4th grade) finished in 5th place and Brianna, (5th grade) finished in 3rd place among all the 4th - 8th grade competitors.  

District Spelling Bee

Lots of current or former Redgranite Students in the District Spelling Bee Competition!!
Brianna Abler, Samantha Aiken, Cheyenne Young, Mackensie Ralls, Andrew Wallenhorst, Trevelyan Davis, Dillon Lederhaus, Brianna Velez,  and Veronica Hernandez

December Student of the Month

Yessica Arreola deserves to be the student of the month.  Since she first attended our school last year, she has been a model student.  She is responsible-always completing her work and making sure she has what she needs for home communication.  She is cooperative and polite and can be counted on to be doing the right thing in any situation.  She isn’t reluctant to put extra effort into learning and does so, on a daily basis-and is willing to help keep the classroom orderly.  She is well deserving of the student of the month award.

Empathy Recognized

On Tuesday January 6th, Redgranite Elementary recognized students for showing the character trait 'Empathy' in the month of December.  Students being recognized were:  Back Row:  Nicholas Gonzales, John Burns, Cerenity Marsh, Brianna Gregory,Gabi Ceballos.  Front Row:  Domanic Armstrong, Makaela Reyes

November Student of the Month

Every morning Bailey Baltz starts the day off right. She organizes her personal things to start the day, greets her classmates, and has volunteered to put out the stability balls to fellow classmates. Bailey's homework is always done and turned in. Bailey contributes to class discussions and stays on task. When a classmate is struggling she steps in to help them. Bailey knows the classroom so well she is a great help to a sub. Bailey is well deserving of Student of the Month.

Respect Trait Recognized

On Tuesday December 2nd, Redgranite Elementary held their monthly character assembly.  Students that were honored for showing the character trait 'Respect' were: Front Row: Lacey Vissers and Dallas-Marie Duke.  Back Row: Clayton Wilcox, Andrew Loging, Tyler McAdoo, Kenny Mandeik, and Madalynn Clark.  Not pictured Kelsey Michalski.

Responsibility Trait Recognized

The following students were recognized on November 4th for showing the character trait 'Responsibility':
Front Row: Mary Covey, Mason Neils, Olivia Mollman and Henley Klassy

Back Row: Lucy Marks, Tanner Gonzales, Neven Meyer and Marianna Larkey 

October Student of the Month

Damien Borland demonstrates the Hornet Way spirit each day.  Damien makes wise choices regarding his attitude and behavior.  He approaches everything with a "can do" attitude and always strives to do his best.  He is a great role model for his classmates.  Damien deserves to be Redgranite's Student of the Month.

September Student of the Month

Gracee Anzivino is our student of the month because of the excellent example she is for other students. She is a very conscientious student at all times. She unfailingly has her work completed neatly and with full effort.  She is determined to understand everything she is presented with. She's not afraid to ask for help. She is kind and follows classroom directions without needing reminders. Gracee has developed excellent character traits that make her an outstanding citizen of our school.
 Reach the Peak - October 11, 2014


Redgranite School


Music Program Dec 22 2014

Sharing with our community

Mya Lohry and Jaxson Donovan are pictured showing off the many donations given by our students and staff to the Waushara County Christmas Project.

Being Prepared

Pictured are 1st graders Kuri Klassy and Christopher Papapetropoulos receiving books from Sheriff Jeff Nett on a program entitled ALICE.  These materials, donated by the Kiwanis Club, will be used by the teaching staff to teach students on preparedness in the event of an intruder.  Parents will be receiving additional information in the coming weeks.

1st Annual Turkey Trot November 24th

Veteran's Day Celebrated at Redgranite School

Thanks to our Veterans for sharing with us on Veteran's Day.  Pictured are back row veterans: Pete Mattice, Tom Abler, Howard Zabel, Crystal Koppen, Jason Young, and Harry Behnke  Students joining our veterans in our front row; Melanie Recore, Natalie Perkins, Aidan Abler, Tyler Perkins,Tanner Gonzales, Aidan Young, Alex Young, Ryan Young, Kenny Mandeik, and Kyler Meyer.


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  • Early Release We have an early release on Friday, October 24th.  The students will be dismissed at 12:50 PM.
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  • Kindergarten teacher - Ms. Wittman We would like to welcome Ms. Wittman as our new kindergarten teacher. She will be a great addition to our staff.
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Mrs. Erickson and Mrs. Miller traveled to Madison to accept the Title 1 School of Recognition Award for Redgranite  Elementary School.  Parkside Middle School also received this award.