2012-2013 School Events


Redgranite Elementary School held its last Character education assembly of the year.  Students recognized for showing the character trait cooperation were as follows:  Front Row: Gabby Ceballos, Jenna Phillips, Selena Morales, Christopher Duke, Madison Umansky, Jenni Nino.  Middle Row: Andrew Pedersen, James Riley, Veronica Hernandez, Mallorie Vissers, Lily Schmidt Back Row: Chase Mastricola, Mason Brewer, Damean Netzler, PJ Velez, Brayden Rose, Elizabeth McManis, Brianna Velez, and Damien Borland.

Redgranite Receives Award


Capitol ceremony celebrates 2012-13
Wisconsin Schools of Recognition



MADISON — State Superintendent Tony Evers praised Redgranite Elementary School for being among 132 schools in the state that received Wisconsin School of Recognition honors for the 2012-13 school year during a special Oct. 2 ceremony at the State Capitol in Madison.

                Evers welcomed, from left: Clyde Simonson-principal; Sandy Adamson-teacher assistant; Evers; Jeff Kasuboski-district administrator; and Kathy Carlson-library media specialist to the recognition event. To be recognized, schools must be among those with the highest poverty rates in the state, have met adequate yearly progress goals under federal education law for the past two years, and have student achievement on state mathematics and reading assessments that is higher than schools with similar poverty levels and grade configurations.

                “The staff and administration of these schools are committed to forging partnerships among teachers, parents, administrators, other school staff members, and the community to create an educational environment that supports children’s learning,” Evers said.

                The joint effort of many people including the staff, parents, community, Wautoma School District, and School Board has helped provide a quality education for the children in our district said Clyde Simonson. Redgranite Elementary School is proud to have received the Wisconsin School of Recognition honors for 9 consecutive years. 

What is Happening at Redgranite


Students at Redgranite recognized last month’s character trait Determination at their monthly character trait assembly.  Students receiving a certificate for determination were:  Back Row: Samantha Aiken, Alondra Lezama, Idris Barraza, Allyson Ewald  Middle Row: Lucy Marks, Johnathan Burns, Jayd Hedrick, Ally Phillips, Nick Gonzales, Victor Duket, Clayton Wilcox, Tommy Hite  Front Row: Fiona Rudolph, Larissa Piechowski, Stephanie Mandeik, Sam Nagle


Redgranite recently recognized students for showing good leadership in the school. Pictured are: Back Row: A.J. Kratz, Seth Johnson, Neven Meyer, Elizabeth McManis, Brianna Abler, Jon Groling Middle Row: Kali Sullivan, Emma Blumke, Cassie Beyer, Jadin Dudek, Nelly Rodriguez, Aidan Abler, Lily Schmidt. Front Row: Kailee Groling, Christopher Duke, Tyler Everson, Kenny Mandeik.

Empathy Trait Students Recognized

Redgranite Students Recognized for showing Empathy

Recently, Redgranite Elementary School recognized the following people for exemplifying the character trait 'Empathy' during the past month. All students and staff can nominate someone by writing their name down and describing what they had done to be recognized. Pictured front Row:Selena Morales, Angelina Millen, Hannah House, Cassy Neisius, Cerenity Marsh, Graham Vissers, Weston Wiatr, Olivia Mollman, Gabriella Ceballos. Back Row:Hunter Netzler, Jacob Rilling, Katrina Bailey, Brytni Ewald, third grade teacher Mr. Coron, Sam Aiken, Cheyenne Young, Christopher Marks. Next month's character trait will focus on determination.



Blue Ribbon School 2008

  • Awards
     Blue Ribbon School 2008
    Redgranite Elementary School was a recipient of the 2008 No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon Award in 2008.  Redgranite Elementary was one of 320 schools nationwide to receive this award.


    Wisconsin School of Recognition

    Redgranite Elementary School is proud to be recognized with a New Wisconsin Promise Schools of Recognition award for nine consecutive years.

    Since 2003, DPI has recognized schools which have, under the Federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, met the following criteria:

    • Are Title I-eligible schools;
    • Are in the top quartile of the state for the percentage of students receiving free/reduced lunch;
    • Have above-average student academic performance on WKCE test scores (Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam) in reading and mathematics when compared to similar schools; and
    • Have met AYP (adequate yearly progress) indicators for two or more consecutive years.

    The schools which meet the criteria above are honored at the Schools of Recognition ceremony held annually at the State Capitol in Madison, WI.

    Posted Oct 18, 2012, 7:51 AM by Clyde Simonson
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Redgranite School

 Click on the picture to see Fox 11 News video 
of Mr. Simonson's jump!

Mr. Simonson's Jump from Airplane


 2012 2013 Reading Promotion
I'm going out on a limb this year to encourage students to become good readers, help our PTO, and help our greater community. How do you say? Well, your principal is going to do something special if the students can do those 3 things. The requirements are as follows:
  • Earn at least 3000 Accelerated Reader (AR) points with a goal of 3500 points.
  • Raise $3000 for the PTO
  • Donate a minimum of $1000 to charities

This is a total of 7500 points/money.

If the students earn 7500 points
Then Mr. Simonson will do one of the following
  • Do a dance on the roof of the school building
  • Have pies thrown in his face(NOPE)
  • Jump from an airplane
  • Eat a bug (NOPE)
  • Kiss a pig (NOPE)
  • Dress up as a clown for the day (NOPE)
  • Sit on a dunk tank (NOPE)

This information is displayed in the hallway. Each month one of these items will be eliminated until one item is left in May.


Veterans Recognized at Redgranite School's Family Title I Reading Night



On Thursday night November 8th, during Redgranite Elementary School's Family Reading Night, veterans had seats of honor as they traveled with families and students to classrooms hosting various activities. The theme focused on Veteran's Day. A Readers theater, a sharing of the story behind America's White Table, and a read-aloud with a musical twist were among the activities planned for the evening. A meal was shared by all after which students presented each veteran in attendance with a hand-made thank you card, a certificate of appreciation, and a small gift. Veterans from Redgranite and Wautoma as well as students with family members who were veterans were recognized. An empty chair with a place setting was left open at each table in remembrance of those Veterans who had fallen or could not be there that night.

5th Grade DARE graduation Dec 13, 2012

Redgranite School Thanks School Community

During Redgranite Elementary School's monthly character education assembly on Tuesday November 6th the students and staff took time to show their true character by saying thank you to various groups for their support over the past year. The school and PTO along with support from the Village of Lohrville and Village of Redgranite helped in the process of having a sign erected in front of the school in recognition of the awards the school has received. Students shared thank you cards and presented certificates to the groups. Accepting these recognitions on behalf of their communities were Tony Piechowski, Redgranite Maintenance Dept.; Jerry Sieg, Village of Redgranite President; Rachelle Scherer, Village of Lohrville; Jeff Scherer, Village of Lorhville President; Gina Piechowski and Jeannette Thom, Redgranite School PTO Officers. Students presenting the cards and certificates were Angel Millen, Lucy Marks, AJ Kratz, Kenny Mandeik, Natalie Perkins, Andrew Loging, Graham Vissers, and Chase Mastricola.