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Redgranite Elementary

Redgranite Elementary is a kindergarten through 5th grade school with a dedicated staff who have worked hard to provide a quality education for all students. Redgranite Elementary participates in the SAGE program, providing small class sizes in grades kindergarten through third grade, a rigorous curriculum, ongoing professional development for staff members, and an afterschool program. Our character education program encourages and celebrates positive behaviors of our children. We encourage our parents to be active through volunteering and participating in our parent teacher organization. We are very proud of the positive attitude of our students and the support from parents and the community.

January Student of the Month

“Bailey Baltz deserves to be our student of the month. If you were ever in my classroom you could look at Bailey and know exactly what the students should be doing. Bailey is always on task and has a positive mindset about whatever the task is. She is quiet and respectful - to everyone. She stays focused and puts thought into all her responses - whether written or oral. Bailey has worked to master her multiplication & division facts and excels at mathematical reasoning. She enjoys reading and always meets her reading goals. Bailey likes to keep our classroom organized and ready for the school day too. I very much enjoy having Bailey in my class.” ~Ms. Reynolds

December Student of the Month

Adysen Tetzlaff deserves to be the Student of the Month.  Adysen shows leadership, responsibility, empathy, and integrity on a daily basis.  Adysen is a leader in the classroom.  When Adysen sees something that needs to be done, she does it.  Examples include cleaning the hallway floor after realizing her boots made a muddy mess or cleaning up any mess that is not hers.  Adysen shows responsibility because she is willing to learn and challenge herself.  Adysen always turns her homework in on time completed.  In class, Adysen does more than what is asked or expected and when she finishes something she asks, “What’s next?”  Adysen shows empathy toward others.  After an incident at recess one day, Adysen wrote another student an apology note- an idea that she came up with on her own.  She understands that others have feelings and she wants them to be happy.  It is for these reasons and more that Adysen deserves this award. ~Mrs. Tompkins

November Student of the Month

Whenever Brittany Gutche steps into my room, she brings with her a soothing, positive energy.  Her quiet demeanor is filled with enthusiasm, respect, an ability to get along with others, and a determination to do her best at all times.  I always enjoy the easy-going way in which she speaks to me about her art or whatever else may be on her mind.  To Brittany I would like to say, “Keep smiling.  You definitely deserve to be student of the month.”

October Student of the Month

Although only in school for a few short months, Korban already embodies many of the character traits we hope to instill in Redgranite Elementary students. He shows responsibility, by getting to work right away, keeping his work area tidy, and completing his school work. Korban is a friend to all in our classroom, and our day would feel incomplete if we weren’t greeted by his warm smile every morning. Korban’s respectful and polite nature, makes him a great leader, one that leads by example and not direction. I have no doubt that Korban will continue to be a positive role model in our class this year, and an exemplary student that I am sure Redgranite Elementary School can be proud of for years to come. For these reasons, I feel that Korban Withall deserves to be our Student of the Month.

September Student of the Month

Lilly Reinert is receiving the honor of 'Student of the Month' because she is a very respectful, responsible student. She is always ready to learn. She displays excellent effort, does quality work, and always turns in her assignments on time. She pays attention in class, asks questions, and works well with everyone. Her friendly personality and calm, respectful behavior is an excellent example for others. Lilly is a student well deserving of this recognition.


Redgranite Elementary Website Calendar

Determination Recognized

Redgranite Elementary School recently recognized students for showing the character trait Determination.  Pictured are back row:  Ally Phillips, Landon Johnson, Dallas Duke.  Front row:  Maggie Warwick  and  Zoey Hammons

Empathy Recognized

The following students were recently recognized at Redgranite Elementary School for showing the character trait Empathy.  Back Row:  Jaxson Reitz, Lizzette Riese, Kaydence Scofield, Jayden Marsh.  Front Row:  Cadence Lederhaus Juan Garcia

Respect Recognized

Redgranite Elementary School recognized students during their monthly character assembly for showing the character trait Respect during the month of November.  The following students were recognized:  back Row ...Lily Friday, Johnathan Burns, Tyler Perkins.  Front Row... Saya Pulver, Adysen Tetzlaff, Cole Myers

Responsibility Recognized

Students at Redgranite Elementary School were recently recognized for showing the character trait Responsibility.  Students being recognized were front row:  Jayden Hansen and Priscilla Gonzales.  Back row were Lilly Reinert, Olivia Mollman,  Dakota Backes, and Arianna Backes.  Each month students are recognized, at their monthly assemblies, by staff and fellow classmates for showing the character trait of the month.

Tree dedication in memory of longtime custodian Roy Preston on May 20th 2016