Tech Plan FAQ

Tech Plan Questions:

   1. What is the process for deciding what technologies to use and what the building and district goals will be?

A committee was put together including administration, teachers, library media specialists, and technology specialists to determine what the goals would be. Each building examined previous years goals and what the future district goals are in order to create the 2015-2018 technology plan. Each building grade level teams and administration determine what technologies will be purchased and integrated.

    2. What is WASD's vision for technology?

        Creating digital technology learning with higher level application opportunities for the success of our students at the college and career level.

    3. What is the SAMR model?

        The SAMR model is one of the many technology integration models. SAMR stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition. There is a necessary place for each of these levels of technology integration. It is the goal of the WASD to incorporate all levels of SAMR into all curriculum.

   4. How do you gauge whether or not the technology has been useful (that the kids are learning and/or learning better with the technology)?

Our future continues to scream technology. We are preparing and educating our students for success in both college and careers. In order to do this technology integration is essential.  

   5. What kind of training will teachers have in the use of technologies? What support will be in place to help the teachers during the year as issues arise? (additional technology help/training and help with finding the best ways to utilize technology in the classroom)

All schools have technology coaches to assist in using and integrating technology. District Technology support is also available for more technical questions and technologies that need repair or replacement.

    6. How will the district determine if the plan is successful?

        WASD will use a combination of needs assessments, building level specific surveys, observations, curriculum integrated with technology and documented professional development opportunities to determine the success of the technology plan.

   7. Will devices stay at school or will students ever bring them home?

Currently only Parkside students will have the ability to take Chromebooks home with permission from parents. The one to one program at Parkside defines these terms and conditions.

   8. Will teachers or students be allowed to change settings on Chromebooks?

Every student is unique and has different needs. Teachers will need to request changes to students accounts through the helpdesk system or by emailing the Technology Coordinator . Teacher have the ability to change their own personal settings though.

   9. Will students need earbuds? Will each student have their own pair or will they be shared?

        Students should supply their own headphones, however, each classroom/school is equipped with some for sharing.

    10. What types of devices are in WASD?
        Each building is slightly different in their technology resources. They include, but are not limited to: 
    •  Wautoma High School has desktop labs, Chromebooks with carts, iPads, an Interactive classroom, and smartboards
    • Parkside School has 1:1 Chromebooks, iPads, and Smartboards
    • Riverview Elementary has 1:1 Chromebooks gr 2-3, 3:1 iPads gr K-1, Smartboards, and Spheros (gr 2)
    • Redgranite Elementary has 1:1 Chromebooks gr 4-5, iPads, and Smartboards