RG News & Updates

 Each month Redgranite Elementary School holds a Character Assembly.  All students and staff attend the assembly to learn about a new character trait.  For the month following the assembly, students and staff recognize students who are demonstrating that month's trait. A slip is filled out indicating "I noticed (name) use the character trait (trait) when he/she (list the observable behavior). The slips are then displayed through the month on a large banner in the school hall.  At the end of the month the slips are collected and several students from each grade are recognized with a character award.  

April-Cooperation...I can listen, share, take turns, work, and play with others.   

March-Integrity...I know and do the right thing.    

February-Leadership...I can lead others by my positive actions.  

 January-Determination...I can set goals and try my best even when it is hard.  


December-Empathy...I understand that everyone has feelings.  

November-Respect...I treat others the way I want to be treated.

Fifth grade students perform a readers theatre of the story "Priscilla McDoodleNut DoodleMcMae" by Janet Mary Sinke.  The story is centered around embracing diversity and respect for all people. 


October- Responsibility...I do what I need to do when I need to do it.
    Redgranite students recognized for demonstrating the character trait responsibility.