Character Trait Definitions
  • Have the ability to work together to reach a common goal despite possible differences
  • Listen to others to try to understand what they are saying


  • Set goals for yourself, keep focused, and achieve your goals
  • Push yourself to do better
  • Give consistent attention to quality work


  • Understand what someone else is going through by putting yourself in their shoes
  • Be sensitive toward others’ feelings and thoughts


  • Do what is right in all situations: home, friendships, classroom, hallway, community
  • Stand up for your beliefs in an appropriate way
  • Be honest and trustworthy


  • Be a positive influence on others
  • Have a vision and be ready to take positive action
  • Use productive communication to be a positive role model


  • Value others by treating them how you would like to be treated
  • Accept personal differences
  • Understand that ALL people have value


  • Take ownership for your choices and actions
  • Be reliable, dependable, and prepared
  • Be committed to always doing your best