Opportunities to Contribute to the WASD Character Education Program

Contact: Any of the people listed below
  • Donate money towards a billboard advertising the Character Education program
  • Display the character traits flyer/poster in your place of business
  • Promote the character trait of the month on your business marquee
Wautoma High School
Contact: Andrea Ernst
(920) 787-3354 x1206 ernsta@wautoma.k12.wi..us
  • Volunteer to speak with the student body on how character is used in your business/organization.  Focus could be on character in general, or one particular character trait
Parkside School
Contact: Chandra McCarthy-Cardoso
  • Sponsor a monthly trait
    • Display a large 3 x 5 banner at your place of business that reads "We Support Wautoma Area Schools Character Education Program".
Riverview & Redgranite Elementary School
Contact: Cherie Bunde
  • Volunteer to read a pre-selected book having to do with the character trait being celebrated that month, to a classroom of students.


The WASD Character Education Committee would like to extend our
deepest appreciation to the many people, businesses, and organizations
that have already volunteered and contributed in so many ways.