2012-2013 Chain Reactors Project List

Bookmark / Magnet Project
The Bookmark/Magnet group created magnets and bookmarks with inspirational messages. The 4th & 5th graders received bookmarks and the 6th - 8th graders received magnets to go in their lockers. The items were handed out to the students just before winter break and are now scattered around the building reminding people of Rachel’s Challenge.


Secret Buddy Project
The Secret Buddy Group performed several acts of Kindness. Our biggest activity was creating and delivering Christmas ornaments to all the Heartland House residents. The residents were extremely appreciative of the kind gesture. Secret Buddy members read stories to 4th grade Morning Meetings. The stories all had themes of character education. Our final act of kindness was to held a flower sale for Valentine's Day. All profits went to the "Pajama Drive" run by the 5th graders.

Delivering ornaments to residents of Heartland House.

Chain Links Project
The Chain Links group handed out colored sheets of paper for students and teachers to write random acts of kindness that we have witnessed. The links will be put together to make a chain of our random acts of kindness.  During National Random Acts of Kindness Week (Feb. 11- Feb. 15) there was a competition to see which CPR/ MM could collect the most Random Act of Kindness slips.  The middle school winner was Mrs. Roberts-Bray’s CPR and the 4th and 5th grade winner was Mrs. Martz’s Morning Meeting. Nice Job Parkside!

Website Project
The Website group has worked very hard to bring you this beautiful website. The responsibilities were split up between the committee members to bring together the different aspects of the website. Hopefully it will become a website that students visit on occasion.

Challenge Days Project
The Challenge Days Group used their creativity to establish four challenge days for the student body to try. It has been scheduled for four Fridays in March and April. The challenge will relate to promoting kindness and starting that chain reaction of positive acts.

            Color Challenge Day - March 8, 2013


Post It Note Project
The Post-It Note Committee is creating special and individualized cards for every staff member and student at Parkside. Each card has a different design and saying. The sayings were created and voted on by the group, as were the designs. Members are working twice a week for the month of March in order to finish the cards to deliver in April.

                                                     Working on creating cards to share with the students and staff.