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Partners & Volunteers

Partnerships are vital to the success of the A+ After School Program.  We want to thank all of our past and present community partners and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future!

If you are thinking of becoming a partner with A+ check out the following documents: 
- Community Enrichment Planning Form to Print or fill it out online
- Partner Brochure (information about the program and partnerships)
- Partner Interest Form to Print (let us know what your general interest is and we can go from there)

To Become an A+ Partner: 
If you have a skill, hobby, or knowledge you can provide for our students or adults in the form of a class, project or enrichment, or you would like to make a financial contribution or donate supplies/equipment please call 920-787-1736 x1 to speak with  Kendra Knutson or complete the attached planning form below and send it in to get started!

If working with our students will fit your program or organization's mission and goals we would love to see if we would be a good fit.

Enrichments are typically from 30 minutes up to 1.5 hours each day they are offered and are offered during regular after school hours (approximately 3:30 - 5:15). The most popular enrichments offer a hands-on and interactive experience.

We would also like to offer classes for parents and families potentially after the normal program (5:30pm - ?), or on Saturdays.

Here are a few general topics that we would love to partner to provide enrichments in: 

Academics (Math, Literacy, Science, Social Studies, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math))

Career and Life Skills

Recreation, Fitness, Sports, Health

The Arts (fine arts and projects & crafts)

Character and Youth Development and Leadership

Community Service and Service Learning Projects. 

Environmental Education 

Cultural Studies

Some enrichments that students and parents have expressed interest in are
Spanish Classes & Culture
Sign Language
Science & Environmental

2015-16 Enrichment Partners: 

American Martial Arts Academy - Self-Defense (RG & PS) & Martial Arts (RV) programs

Boy Scouts of America - cub scout programs for 1st - 5th grade students at RV & RG

Camp LuWiSoMO - Winter Activities, Outdoor Education, Fishing/Canoeing & Horseback Riding for PS students

Family Health/LaClinica - Health programming for RV 2nd and 3rd Graders

Ice Age Trail System: guide for PS outdoor education club

Lambeau Lanes: bowling field trips

Laura's School of Dance: hip hop and jazz lessons for RV & PS students

Little Sprouts Discovery Center: service/life skills for RG students. 

Paul Sattler Farm: maple syrup field trip

Preston Place: Community service opportunity for RG students. 

Redgranite Public Library: STEAM programs for RG Students.

Salvation Army: Opportunity for PS students to be bell ringers to raise money for the Salvation Army!

Shooters Choice Archery: archery lessons for RG students 

UW-EX (nutrition): nutrition programs for PS students

WASD Food Service: nutrition programming for PS students

Waushara Archers Club:archery lessons for PS students

Waushara Country Club: golf lesson for RG students

Waushara County EMS: CPR and safety basics for RG students

Waushara County Health Department - Health Programming for RV 2nd and 3rd Graders

Wautoma Airport: Young Eagles program provided free first flights for PS students

Wautoma Public Library - iPad animation classes and Nicole Overbeck was one of our guest judges for Battle of the Books

2015-16 Donation & In-Kind Partners:
-Christiano's Pizza
-Decker Farms
-Family Health/LaClinica
-First Merit Bank
-Joe's Premium Pizza
-Lambeau Lanes
-Marshfield Clinic-AmeriCorps Program
-Master Gardeners
-Parrot Photography
-Redgranite Area Police Departement
-Redgranite Fire Department 
-Rotary Club 
-Stoneridge Piggly Wiggly
-Thrivent Financial
-Various Community Members
-Various A+ Parents
-Various A+ Staff Members
-Waushara Dental Associates
-Wautoma Area School District
-Wautoma Public Library

2015-16 Volunteers: 
Alexis Basballe, Amber Cayer, Amber Haugen, Ashley Hope, Asiah Kossow, Bill Ridarelli, Brian Enriquez, Brionne Roberts-Bray, Caitlin Hurley, Caitlin Reinke, Celia Gonzales, Celia Rabe, Chimera Wickert, Chris Sluke, Colleen Cassidy, Dan Piechowski, Dave Algrem, Dawn Hurley, Dianna Parrott, Donna Norlin, Emily Engelke, Emily Wenninger, Emma Blaszczyk, Faith Hernandez, Gabe Zuniga, Gina Piechowski, Hailey McClain, Mailey Miller, Hannah Struzynski, Jackie Schaffer, Jadin Dudek, Jason Young, Jeannette Thom, Joan Mosling, Joanne Nelson, John Benson, John Kroll, Judy Gayette, Julie Raymound, K.T. Tobianski, Kelly Buchholtz, Kyler Meyer, Lexxi Colvin, Matt Zuelke, Mike Schleip, Nancy Kress, Nicole Kosinski, Nicole Overbeck, Pat Campbell, Pat Greidl, Paul Paris, Paul Sattler, Peter Braatz, Phyllis Williams, Randy Lennartz, Sandy Adamson, Sarah Bouton, Saul Peralta, Shaina Klassy, Sheree Thomsen, Sheri Ramey, Tammi Reimer, Terah Johnson, The Honey Queen, Bill Kohl, Zac Pulver, Zach Kubasta
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