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After School Programs
A+ After School provides academic enrichment opportunities for students in the Wautoma Area School District grades K-8.  The primary goal of the program is to help students to meet state assessment standards in core academic areas such as reading and math.  Additional goals are to offer a wide range of enrichment activities in academics as well as art, music, recreation & youth development that are aligned with the regular school day and to offer parents of the registered A+ students opportunities for education, literacy and family connection.  

A wide range of program services are offered, including; tutoring, homework help, enrichment activities (guitar lessons, Lego Robotics, Active Mind Zone, Wautoma on the Move, kindness club & martial arts), as well as opportunities for community service.

The program is funded mainly by the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant, as well as the Wautoma School District Community Service Fund, Title 1, SAGE, student fees, Reach The Peak Race Fundraiser, donations, and support from the Wautoma Area School District.

A+ Mission:"Promoting Lifelong Learning & Uniting Schools, Families & Communities" 

A+ Vision: "The A+ Program will promote a safe environment where A+ students are encouraged to learn, challenged to dream and express creativity and inspired to explore their school, community and world."