Parents/Guardians must apply every school year in order to qualify for the free and reduced meal program. If your school lunches were free or reduced last year, you will begin this school year with the same temporary status. TEMPORARY STATUS FOR FREE AND REDUCED MEALS WILL EXPIRE ON OCTOBER 5TH, 2018. YOU MUST FILL OUT AND SUBMIT THIS YEAR'S FORM  TO BE CONSIDERED FOR CONTINUING BENEFITS

The department provides wholesome healthy appetizing food choices for the students and employees in the district at a reasonable cost.  These choices contribute to the good nutrition that is so vital to both the mental and physical growth of the students.  Our menus are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, our menus are designed to meet one third of a student's recommended daily allowance of nutrients and calories. The meal pattern consists of five components:  Meat/meat-alternative foods,  Vegetables, Fruit, bread/grain foods and fluid milk as a beverage.

Parents are always welcome to purchase a school meal and have lunch with their child. In compliance with the district wellness policy, outside vended food is not permitted to be brought into the cafeteria during school meal times.

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