School Improvement Goals

School Learning Objective - During the course of the 2014-15 school year, students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade will be assessed multiple times using the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI).  Our goal will be for 10% or more of the students in each SRI proficiency level to move from the proficiency level that they achieved in their baseline assessment (Oct 2014) to the next higher proficiency level as measured by the end of year SRI assessment in March 2015.  For students that achieve in the advanced proficiency level in their baseline assessment, the goal will be for 80% or more of those students to realize a 10% increase or more on their raw SRI score.  

Students identified as having significant deficits in English Language Arts as indicated by: Wisconsin Knowledge and concepts Exam (WKCE), Lexile Scores, AIMSWEB data, common assessment data/classroom performance and successful learner behaviors; will be enrolled and receive instruction in an ELA block of instruction, Read 180, LD self-contained ELA, Core+Writing Strategies, or intervention programming.  These students will receive progress monitoring using the AIMSWEB “MAZE” assessment instrument.  Our goal for this population of students will be for at least 10% of the students in each baseline proficiency level to move to the next higher proficiency level by the spring of 2015 assessment.

This learning objective is in direct alignment with the goals of the district level education department.  The district’s reading goal is to have 80% of students operating in the proficient range within three years.  Through our progress monitoring efforts this school year, we intend to move 10% or more of our students not currently demonstrating proficiency, into the proficient range or above.  

The focus of our improvement efforts is most aligned with the following district key interests:

  • Advancing student learning achievement, and success by keeping it at the heart and as the filter for our decision making.

  • Utilizing research-based curricula that reflects 21st Century themes and applications and are responsive to the needs and potential of all students, preparing them for a global society.

  • Provide real-life diverse learning opportunities with practical applications in the classroom and beyond.

2014-15 SRI Data

Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8
Fall 2014 Baseline DataWinter 2014 SRI DataSpring 2015 SRI DataFall 2014 Baseline DataWinter 2014 SRI DataSpring 2015 SRI DataFall 2014 Baseline DataWinter 2014 SRI DataSpring 2015 SRI Data
Advanced  396488335478417186
Proficient  526064465658707174
Basic         9310911110310610410110192
Below Basic156986210569391106954

Growth of Students Who Scored Advanced in their 
Lexile in the Fall
Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8
% of students that experienced a decrease in their raw lexile score
14/39 17/34 19/41
% of students that experienced an increase in their raw lexile score
*one student moved
*one student had no change
% of students with an increase of 10% or more in their raw lexile score
*It should be noted that the student's scores that decreased are still operating in the advanced range, or well above their peers.