4th Grade Challenges

November Challenge:  
If you complete all 40 levels of 40xEscape, you will get a pack of Smarties.  You must write a paragraph on the most challenging level for you and how you figured it out.

11/11/15 4th Grade Starburst Challenge:  Tell parents why thinking "probabilistically" is important to us.  Parents - please send a note back if they completed this task.

4th grade challenge:  Starburst Challenge--ask your parents if they use data and graphs in their jobs.  Bring an example.

December Challenge:  How many gifts were given in the 12 Days of Christmas?

February Challenge:
Four children were born in different countries. Find out who was born in which country from the clues given.
FranceUnited KingdomUSAArgentina

1. Ann was not born in Europe.

2. Deb's native language is not English.

3. Ben is not from the Americas.

4. Cal is not from the Northern Hemisphere (the Northern Hemisphere is the area north of the equator).

March Challenge:
Four children live in different US states. Find out where each of them lives.
CaliforniaTexasIllinoisNew York

1. Bill's state does not have an "x" in it; neither does Ann's.

2. Mark's state is a single word.

3. Bill does not live near the west coast of the US.

4. Ann lives west of the Mississippi River.

5. Mark's state borders a Great Lake.

April/May/June Challenge:  Check out this website:


OR simply click this link ...Brain Challenge