What is PBIS

P B I S ( Positive Behavioral Interventions Supports, or RTI-B ( response to intervention Behavior)    
This is a system of applied behavior in which students are taught specific behaviors in a certain settings and are positively rewarded for following these behaviors. 
The PBIS plan is a three-tiered approach to behavior modification.  The majority of students are in Tier 1, these students follow rules and practice behaviors that have been instructed and modeled.  Tier 2 is designed for students who struggle with the specific behaviors even after being retaught.  Modifications are made for these students so they can learn the behaviors.  Tier 3 is for a small population of students who need a structured environment and have needs that can only be met by specialized behavior plans. 

PBIS is a behavior modification program that utilizes rewards to increase positive behaviors. The rewards system of PBIS is described more in detail in the yellow tickets section of this webpage.

PBIS at John Muir was developed and implemented  with input from all personnel that work at John Muir:  teachers, support staff, and administrators.  It is a Wausau School District initiative and is being implemented in all Wausau School District Schools.  The John Muir
                                                                                                      faculty, staff, and administration has embraced the implementation of the PBIS plan. 

(Image credit: www.pbis.org)

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If you would like to learn more about The Excellence Campaign at John Muir, please contact:

Mr. Jake Anderson (janderso@wausauschools.org)  

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