Welcome to Mrs. Binning's Math Pages

Classroom Supplies:

Students will need these materials for math:

• Pencils

• Binder 1.5” (math only)

• File dividers for binder (total of 10 needed)

• Notebook

• Scissors

• Glue stick

• Colored pencils

• Dry erase markers (at least 2)

• Pencil case with 3 holes (for binder)

• Hand held pencil sharpener

Daily assignments:

Will be given to practice and master the skills we have learned in class. Work must be shown at all times.

Typically students should be able to complete assignments in the given class period.

A Math Mastery will be assigned about once every two weeks to practice previous skills. They have one week to complete and may need to complete at home.

A check answer button is provided to correct the students as they work. Please seek help if you don't understand, don't submit a low grade.

• If students are absent it is their responsibility to make up all missed work.

Student Assessments:

Assessments will be given throughout a chapter and at the end of each chapter. It is important that work is shown at all the times.

• Students will have to opportunity to continue learning and reassess any learning target that is needed.


The textbook and extra support resources are located online at: http://www.bigideasmath.com/.

Students will need to know their username and password which should be written in their agenda.

• The green book is our 6th grade textbook.

Inside the chapters are extra help videos and activities to assist in understanding.

Classroom Expectations: